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Valentine’s Day Music Radio For Lovers, iPhone Radio App

Valentine’s Day Music Radio is an iPhone radio app that’ll put you and your special someone in the mood for love. This Music app will make you want to turn the volume up and the romance on as you listen to romantic songs streamed from different radio stations from around the world. Currently, there are about 16 radio stations. In addition to hearing a wide variety of love songs from different eras and genres, this iPhone radio app provides you with the “album” song cover, artist name, and song title information for the current song “playing” on the record player. And if you happen to hear some love songs worth sharing with others, you can share them on Facebook and Twitter. Another nice feature in Valentine’s Day Music Radio is the option to download songs from iTunes right within the application.

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In addition to the music information provided, you will see a timer on the record player dashboard. This timer lets you set a preferred length of time to listen to a specific radio station. Another great feature is that this iOS Universal app is Apple TV enabled. This means that if you have an Apple TV, you can display and listen to the app’s content for a much better listening experience.

And for your listening pleasure, Valentine’s Day Music Radio streams love-inspired music from stations with romantic names like: 24-7 Romance, Club Romance, Love Radio, Sax4Love, FilmsdeLover Radio, and others. There’s even a radio station designated to Frank Sinatra, the famous love song crooner from the ’40s and ’50s.

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But if that’s not your speed, soak up some sexy saxophone music, enjoy some mellow ’80s – including rock ballads. While testing this Music app, I even heard love songs in different languages. You’ll also hear silky smooth sounds of Soul, spicy Latin, Classic Piano, and Easy Listening to help you kick back and relax. A few of the musical artists I came across while perusing this app were: the Spice Girls, Rod Stewart, Lionel Richie, Pat Benatar, Louis Armstrong, White Snake, Kelly Clarkson, Birdy, Inna, and Enrique Iglesias.

Overall, most songs streamed and started playing quickly, but a few took longer to start. I also lost my music stream once or twice in this iPhone radio app. But regardless, Valentine’s Day Music Radio provides a nice mix of music and radio stations to set the romantic mood for you and your special someone.

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