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iPhone Shooter: Scribble Hero-Insane Ambidextrous Shooter (Video)

The Doodle iPhone shooter game Scribble Hero challenges you to shoot your way through 50 heart pounding levels. The gameplay movement is left-right, right-left movement, which makes for a challenging game.

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You are Scribble Hero, a who is on a mission to shoot his way through a notebook of dangerous chapters to rescue his girlfriend named Dot!The 50 levels of gameplay include massive waves of different enemies coming at you from all directions for plenty of shooter fun and the weapons, sidekicks and items are named along the same lines of silliness that you would expect in an iPhone shooter doodle game.



Scribble Hero is a fun iPhone shooter game that adds a creative twist that makes this game standout!



YouTube App Video Link: Scribble Hero iPhone App Review – CrazyMikesapps[powerpress]


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