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iPhone Shooter: Scribble Hero-Insane Ambidextrous Shooter (Video)

The Doodle iPhone shooter game Scribble Hero challenges you to shoot your way through 50 heart pounding levels. The gameplay movement is left-right, right-left movement, which makes for a challenging game.

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You are Scribble Hero, a who is on a mission to shoot his way through a notebook of dangerous chapters to rescue his girlfriend named Dot!The 50 levels of gameplay include massive waves of different enemies coming at you from all directions for plenty of shooter fun and the weapons, sidekicks and items are named along the same lines of silliness that you would expect in an iPhone shooter doodle game.



Scribble Hero is a fun iPhone shooter game that adds a creative twist that makes this game standout!



YouTube App Video Link: Scribble Hero iPhone App Review – CrazyMikesapps[powerpress]


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Michael Vallez - (CrazyMike) is the Founder of Mike is a regular guy who has a tech side, specifically a love for mobile apps and touch gaming. He is a retired cop, husband, father, and son. Current Devices: Galaxy Note 3, iPad Air, Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HDX. Twitter - @MichaelVallez.


  1. Peter S. says:

    I’m with ya here, Crazy MIke. Scribble Hero is attempting to confuse young children into making in-app purchases indiscriminately, leaving parents in an uproar and doing all they can to undo the mistakes. But, this problem also brings to my attention another app that is far worse than this one. The app is called Farkle Addict:…..for the iPhone and iPad. The app offers in-app purchases as follows (check it out):

    1. 2 Human Players $3.99
    2. Remove Ads $1.99
    3. 8 Human Players $4.99
    4. Vial of Chips $0.99
    5. Can of Chips $4.99
    6. Pouch of Chips $1.99
    7. 4 Human Players $3.99
    8. Bottle of Chips $14.99
    9. Jar of Chips $29.99
    10. 500 CHIPS $0.99

    That is over to $68.00 for in-app purchases. I contacted the developer, Robert Suh, about offering in-app purchases that were excessive and, most important, were totally misleading and not warranted. What is a vial, a can, a pouch, a bottle and a jar? Robert failed to respond to my issues and complaints.

    Be aware that this type of advertising is rather wide-spread throughout the iTune App community. Parents need to be aware of ALL apps that include in-app purchases, especially when the customer has no clue as to what they are getting. I just wanted to bring this to your attention, Crazy Mike. And BTW, I love your web site. It’s ‘simply mahvelous’.

    • Yes, these apps are not alone some of the worst offenders are Glu Mobile and Zynga. However, I think there is an opportunity for developers to provide a paid game with in app purchases, but that make sense.

      Targeting kids does not work for long, parents figure it out and fool me once my fault fool me twice no! (I am really bad at cliches).

      Yes, there was a day you saw no in app purchases in paid apps, but I am still not against it, just don’t rip us off!