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Sports Scores & Alerts – Real Time Sports News (Video)

The iPhone Sports app, Sports Scores & Alerts is not sexy nor does it have any bling. But it does do a few things really well, and that is providing real time scores and alerts for the top US professional sports leagues. This iPhone sports app provides all teams for the listed leagues, allows you to favorite teams for filtering, provides team season schedules, 8 different types of alerts (score change, lead change, etc.), and entire game statistics summary. Basically, if you want free score alerts for your favorite major league sports games and some mens college leagues, this app is very good for that. However, if you’re a hardcore sports fanatic you may want to upgrade to a paid subscription through in app purchase.

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The subscription makes sense to a degree because not everyone follows every sport, but the cost is pretty stiff since most major league sports seasons are more than 180 days. Honestly, this app is perfect for normal sports fans who just want to track their favorite major league or mens college (football and basketball) teams with real time score updates (for free).

Sports Scores & AlertsSports Scores & Alerts


This is an iOS Universal, which allows it to work on both the iPhone and iPad fully. If you want to keep up with real time scores and alerts, you may want to check this iPhone Sports app out.

YouTube App Video Link: Sports Scores & Alerts App Review – CrazyMikesapps[powerpress]


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