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iPhone Strategy Game, BeerTrucker Pro Be a Beer Mogul (video)

BeerTrucker Pro, is an iPhone strategy game that challenges your time management skills.

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In simple terms, your brewery makes beer that you deliver to pubs by dragging your beer truck from the brewery. Objectives revolve around purchasing beer trucks, buying pubs, and earning a certain amount of money. And all 3 objectives must be complete before you complete a level. Initially you play with a standard beer truck, but in later levels the Pro Beer Truck is much faster and 2x as expensive.

iPhone Strategy Game BeerTrucker PRO App Review Video - CrazyMikesapps

The gameplay can feel a bit repetitious because you will need to drag your beer truck over and over to complete each level. A great addition to this iPhone strategy game would be a button to speed up your gameplay if you want to do so. This would allow players to play the game at their own speed, while not reducing the game difficulty.

iPhone Strategy Game BeerTrucker PRO Review Video - CrazyMikesapps

If you did not already figure it out, the developer introduced some cool themed nuances on the BeerTrucker Pro game board. The game board is designed on a beer coaster, notice the subtle liquid stains when you look at the game board graphics or the opening screen. Also if your observent enough, you will notice the numbered levels are actually beers.

The BeerTrucker Pro iPhone Strategy game will challenge your time management skills, multi-tasking and overall business leadership in a fun bar game app.

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