Emoji Icons – What are Emoji and How To Install Emoji Icons

Emoji icons or emoticons have become increasingly popular since the advent of text messaging and everyone wants an emoji app. The most basic definition for Emoji is a “feelings symbol” such as a happy face, sad face, frownie face, etc. that allows users to quickly express their feelings to others through text, email, Tweet, or other web, cellular connectivity. Wikipedia defines emoji icons here.

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YouTube Emoji App Video Link: How To Get Emoji icons – iPhone Tips & Tricks

Emoji – What are Emoji and How To Install Emoji Icons

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

1) Go to general settings > then international keyboard > Japanese > toggle on emoji.

2) How to access emoji icons once installed: Anytime you go to type and the virtual keyboard pops up, you will see a globe icon on the lower bottom middle screen left of the space bar, tap this until you see the emoji icons, tap again to return to the regular keyboard. The emoji can be typed directly into MMS, but you will have to cut and past to use in email, Tweets or other applications.

Android Devices:
(Since there are a variety of operating systems this example is for Android OS 4.1.1)

1) Go to settings > tap on language and input > tap on keyboards > tap on add dictionaries > add Emoji

2) You will have to go back to keyboards and select Emoji as an input method. Be aware of a very important message that indicates the developer can track your keystrokes including Credit Card information, personally I will be deleting the Emoji Keyboard from my Android device. There are other options for those who have “Rooted” Android devices, but my device is not rooted so I cannot tell you how to do that, but there are Emoji apps in the Google Play Store to help with this.

3) To use the emoji keyboard on Android after downloading the dictionary, installing and selecting as a keyboard option, tap on the smily face key on the bottom middle left of the space bar and you will see your Android keyboard change to emoji or emoticons. If you swipe to the left you will see there are several pages of different emoji symbols.

How To Install EmojiHow To Install Emoji


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