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iPhone Travel App – Your Travel Dream, Explore and Dream!

Travel the world and experience 101 amazing places with the help of this iPhone travel app. Your Travel Dream (by Jennifer Stanley) is an Entertainment app that transports you virtually to exotic lands using high quality photos, a variety of music, and an interesting Traveler’s journal. Discover crystal clear waters, arid mountain tops, beautiful landscapes, strange animals, and foreign people living out their everyday lives all around the world.

This iPhone travel app features a very simple user interface and easy navigation: Yesterday’s Dream, Today’s Dreams, Let’s go, Twitter, and Facebook. That’s it (except for a collage icon for photo viewing). Upon opening this iPhone travel app, you’ll see an old world map and hear music from a far away land. This music is sure to captivate you and so will the photo slide show of your surprise destination. The photo slideshow has only 6 images and eventually turns into a photo collage screen. You can choose to revisit any one of these photos. There’s even the ability to zoom out a bit to get a closer look at a photo. But it would be even nicer to have the option to scroll through the 6 photos one after the other without going back to the collage icon first.



To create a sense of intrigue and keep the element of surprise, the developer has opted to only allow 2 destinations to be viewed each day. So each new day delivers an unknown place to explore. Will it be Syndey, Australia today or perhaps Paris, France? You won’t know where your adventure will lead until the day it arrives. It’s a clever idea, but I was disappointed to find out that there is no way to save previously viewed destinations for later viewing. You can only see “Yesterday’s Dream” and “Today’s Dream.” I advise you to savor the experience that each destination provides while you can. But don’t worry because after viewing all of the 101 places, this iPhone travel app will take you back to the beginning of your tour. Another nice thing about this app is that once you’ve downloaded the app, you don’t need a Wifi connection to view the content. And if you want to share the travel daydreams with your family and friends, you can share these amazing places using the Facebook and Twitter function within the app.

The authentic music is one of the most brilliant touches to this iPhone travel App. Each exotic destination has its own music selection to set the mood. In addition to photo images and entrancing music, there is a pleasant “Traveler’s journal” with narratives for each place. The “Let’s go” section reveals a journal page entry with some facts and casual insight about the destination. It’s like you’re getting a first-hand look at a real travel log. As a matter of fact, according to the developer, Jennifer Stanley, many of the included photos and “Let’s go” entries in this iPhone travel app are from her own year-long travel with her husband through places like: Sri Lanka, India, Nepal,Turkey, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, and more.

This app is all about the fantasy, losing yourself in the moment, and drifting away to a wonderfully exotic and exciting place. Maybe you’ll get there one day, but if not, the next best thing is in “Your Travel Dream.” If you’d like to try out this entertaining iPhone travel app for free, there are a few promo codes below. We’d love to hear what you think of the Your Travel Dream app. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. mrscrazymike says:

    I agree with you, Sara. I thought it was a cool idea when I came across it. I usually check back at night before going to bed to relax and unwind. With a little more tweaking to the app, the next version should be really fabulous!