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Awesome iPhone Utilities App System Checks All Your iOS Devices

This iPhone Utilities app provides an information check across all your iOS devices, whether iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You are able to get valuable information about your iPhone or iPad device’s network, battery status, RAM, disk, and running processes.

iPhone Utilities App Review

This iPhone Utilities app includes some nice customization options with 6 different theme colors to choose from (black, blue, orange, green, red, pink). There is also a voice feature that comes with 8 different voice choices, 4 high quality voices and 4 low quality voices. This feature enables you to hear your basic system information spoken back to you, which is great when you need to be in a hands free situation.

iPhone App Review for an iPhone Utilities App

While most iOS device users could care less how much RAM they have, or how many processes are running, but all iOS users care about their battery life. The System Information and Check iPhone Utilities app keeps you up to date on your battery’s status and provides estimated times for everything from Standby to Video. But, for those of you who are on the “techy” side you will love this awesome iPhone Utilities app. It has gorgeous pictures for all features with dashboards so you can see what your iOS device is doing at any given time. The learning curve on this app is “zero” so non-tech types to tech experts can easily use and understand the systems information this iOS Utilities app provides.

For a look at all the Systems Information and Check iOS Universal app features see the list below.

System Information and Check App Features

  1. Running Processes and CPU cores’ load (up to 4 cores supported).
  2. Ram information (free, wired, active, inactive, system, user, used and total).
  3. Disk information (Used, free and total).
  4. Disk information (Used, free and total).
  5. Battery status and estimated battery times.
  6. Network information.

If you are looking for an awesome iPhone Utilities app, the System Information and Check is worth a download if you want to stay in the know on what is going on with your iOS device!

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Download The iPhone Utilities App System Information and Check Now!

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