Best Baby Guide App for Your Baby’s First Year – Ready, Set, Baby!

If you're a first time parent or soon-to-be parent, this can be both an exciting and stressful time in your life. And since babies don't automatically come with manuals, finding a trusted baby guide resource is essential. Everything you need to know about properly taking … [Read more...]

How The Grinch Stole Christmas Book, Perfect On iOS (Video)

The classic How The Grinch Stole Christmas book has been transformed into a great iOS Books app for the iPhone and iPad! This kids' Christmas storybook has 3 reading modes, original Dr. Seuss artwork, interactive words, and a voice record option that lets you narrate this … [Read more...]

iPoe Books App, Experience Classic Tales of Horror In a Creepy New Way

You can enter the dark and terrifying world of the master of macabre story telling himself, Edgar Allan Poe, in iPoe - The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection. This iOS Universal Books app features 4 of Edgar Allan Poe's well known and spine tingling … [Read more...]

CollegeBooks App – Find Bookstores and Price Comparisons

It's amazing how expensive college text books cost for one class each semester, which is why savvy and money conscious students should look to apps like CollegeBooks to purchase all their required text books.  The CollegeBooks app is actually an extension of the … [Read more...]

Lorax Garden iPhone Game – Rebuild The Truffula Forests!

The Lorax Garden iPhone game is a simulation game that gives kids the opportunity to rebuild the Truffula Forests! Lorax Garden (by Oceanhouse Media) picks up where the classic, The Lorax, children's storybook by Dr. Seuss left off. Guided by the persistent but lovable … [Read more...]

Michelle Obama, Now An iPhone App! (Video)

The Michelle Obama in Pictures iPhone and iPod Touch app is no longer available in the iTunes App Store. However, the book Michelle Obama in Pictures is still available from Amazon. See purchase link below. If the Michelle Obama in Pictures iPhone app becomes available in … [Read more...]

Clever Tales, Awesome Cosmopolitan Children’s Book iPhone App

Looking for a children's book iPhone app with a lot of bang for your buck, then check out Clever Tales by AppGrade. Besides being filled with great kids stories, the stories included (40) are from authors all over the world. Most book applications for the iPhone have 1 story … [Read more...]

Clown Commandos, Creepy Comic Clowns

I have never been much of a comic book fan as a kid and really not even close as an adult. However, today's FREE App Today "Clown Commandos #1" has changed my mind a bit. First of all for full disclosure me and my family thinks clowns are just plain creepy. Now, I am sure … [Read more...]

Pocket Story The Boy Giant, Great Kids Book App Big Story Little Cost

Children's iPhone apps are on the rise and the quality of some of these apps is amazing. Pocket Story The Boy Giant developed by Wotsamaflip is an excellent and well priced kids' book for the iPhone. I have reviewed several children's Books apps and would have to say that by … [Read more...]

Dog Tricks & Bark Machine, Teach That Old Dog Some New Tricks!

Dog Tricks & Bark Machine created havoc at my house when I unleashed the "Bark Machine" part of this app on my animals.  I have 3 dogs and 1 huge cat and the bark machine had them all going crazy.  I was playing around with the meow sound effect and my cat, who does not … [Read more...]