Amazing Kids ABC App, Fun And Exciting Alphabet Learning

If the typical ABC app doesn't get your kids excited about learning the alphabet, then they're in for a real treat with the Talking ABC app by Jutiful. This iOS Universal Education app beckons kids of all ages to come along on an lively ABC learning adventure with 26 … [Read more...]

iPhone Advent Calendar App With Special Cards That You Can Share

Part of the holiday excitement is the Christmas count down, which is why iPhone Advent calendar apps are so popular, especially with families and the young at heart. Kids of all ages will enjoy The Christmas Card Advent Calendar app (by The Story Mouse) since it comes with … [Read more...]

Van Gogh App, View 100s of Masterpieces on Your iOS Device

Enter the fabulous art world and explore the amazing work of Vincent van Gogh in this great Van Gogh app, Van Gogh Art Essentials by Michel van den Berg. This iOS Universal Education app features many works of art from this famous and influential Dutch artist. The Van Gogh … [Read more...]

Vocabulary Game, A Great Match-The-Opposite Word Game

The Opposites is a fun vocabulary game that should get your kids excited about the English language. This iOS Universal Education app introduces the interesting world of opposite words (antonyms) in a thrilling and challenging game that'll have your kids quickly learning and … [Read more...]

Quick Math +, Great Math App With More Than Basic Operation Drills

Shiny Things, the developers of awesome Quick Math drill apps (and other educational apps) brings us Quick Math +, another quality math Education app with new and stimulating twists. The new Quick Math + app keeps many of the great aspects of the previous Quick Math - … [Read more...]

Geography Drive USA – Fun Geography Learning Game!

Geography Drive USA is an award-winning iPad Education app that will put you and your kids on the road to an awesome learning adventure. Kids 6-12+ will be steered in the right direction as they travel across all 50 states learning about national and state geography in the … [Read more...]

Sight Reading App – Great Music App for Teachers and Students

For some, learning to read sheet music is the hardest part of playing an instrument. And that is why Melody Cats has developed a fun and easy sight reading app called Bass Cat. This iOS Education app will help you quickly learn to identify musical notes in the bass clef and … [Read more...]

Tickety Toc Bubble Time – First Storybook App Of Its Kind

Cupcake Digital, the developers of high quality kids' apps, brings another delightful Education app to the iPhone and iPad. Tickety Toc Bubble Time is the first storybook app of its kind featuring the lovable wooden characters from the Tickety Toc TV series, as seen on Nick … [Read more...]

Dinorama – Whimsical and Fun Money Education App For Kids

Dinorama will give your kids a great entrepreneurial lesson as they take charge and run their very own dinosaur park. This whimsical and fun money Education app will help kids quickly learn the value of money and time management as they play to complete tasks and make all … [Read more...]

Learn Algebra The Easy Way With Hands On Equations 2

Hands on Equations 2 is the second in a series of excellent and unique algebra Education apps. The Hands On Equations 2 app, for the iPhone and iPad, will provide your child with a unique learning method based on the original offline algebra learning method. This … [Read more...]