ElfYourself by OfficeMax – Funky Free Christmas App (Video)

ElfYourself by OfficeMax lets you "Elf Yourself" and up to 4 others with this free iPhone Christmas app, then get down to a funky hip hop Christmas song. I remember the first time I "Elfed" myself back in 2006, and I must say it was pretty funny. This iPhone Christmas app … [Read more...]

Stella and Sam, Kids Join The Band For Festive Halloween Fun

Your kids will have a howling good time as they join Stella and Sam (and the rest of the neighborhood band) in a fun, toe-tapping musical app with a festive Halloween theme. The Stella and Sam Halloween Band app is an iOS Universal Education app featuring Stella and Sam, the … [Read more...]

WARNING – Addictive Gameplay Ahead – Smacky Cars, iPhone App Review (Video)

The Flappy Bird Revolution has placed a focus on simple games that are super frustrating to beat. Entering onto the scene recently is Smacky Cars, another addicting game that is easy to play, but definitely hard to beat. This iOS Universal arcade game features simple … [Read more...]

Funny Irish Jokes – iPhone App With Good Irish Humor And Hilarious Dictionary

As excellent storytellers with a witty sense of humor, you can always count on the Irish to tell funny Irish jokes that make people laugh and lighten a dark mood, no matter the situation. And laugh you will when reading through the variety of good-natured jokes you'll … [Read more...]

Duck Dynasty Game, Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards..Funny! (Video)

This Duck Dynasty game, Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards, is a funny and fun-to-play series of "redneck" mini-games that challenge you to become the ultimate "redneck." So you want to become a redneck? Well, you must first prove your “redneckness” as you play through 15+ … [Read more...]

Funny Alarm Clock App, Jimmy Fallon’s Wake Up Call (Video)

Funny alarm clock apps are a great way to wake up and face the day. Now you can wake you up to funny fake phone calls from Jimmy Fallon, the entertaining and sarcastic comedian, using the Jimmy Fallon's Wake Up Call app for your iPhone. Jimmy Fallon's Wake Up Call … [Read more...]

Watch The Best Super Bowl Ads With This Super Bowl App – And LOL!

Yes, it's true. We all love watching the NFL's biggest football game of year - a.k.a. The Super Bowl. And most of us can't wait to be entertained by the halftime show. But it's the funniest and best Super Bowl ads starring our favorite celebrities, cars, food, drinks, and … [Read more...]

Real Life Quotes About Life – Status Quotes, Sayings, Lyrics and More!

Looking for a great iPhone quote app with status quotes, real life quotes, funny quotes and more that you can enjoy and share with others? Then the Status Quotes app has got you covered with all kinds of real life quotes about life. Status Quotes features 15 quote topics … [Read more...]

Chatoms, Great Icebreaker and Conversation Starter App For iOS

Even if you weren't born with the natural gift of gab, you can still have interesting, intelligent and funny conversations with other people thanks to this icebreaker and conversation starter app. Chatoms is an iPhone and iPad Entertainment app that will take your … [Read more...]

Funny Photo App, Ridicolo To Create Funny Photos, Free iOS App (Video)

Ridicolo is a super funny photo app for the iPhone and iPad. This Entertainment application lets you easily create funny photos using silly FX stickers and your iOS device. And, this app has 90+ FX stickers to place on your face and then live preview using your iPhone, iPad … [Read more...]