Encircle The Turtle 2, Challenging iOS Puzzle App..50 Brain-Tingling Logic Puzzles!

Put your thinking cap on before you play Encircle The Turtle 2, a new and challenging iOS puzzle app for the iPhone and iPad. This brain tingling logic puzzler is the follow up to the "top rated" original iPhone game, Encircle The Turtle. This latest version, much … [Read more...]

Hangman App, Classic Doodle-Style Hangman Game for iPhone and iPad, Free

Although the exact time and history behind the classic hangman game remains a bit of a mystery, the arrival of this new Hangman app is not. "Hangman - to hang or not to hang - that is the question" is a free iPhone and iPad Games app by Andrii Tkach, and is a recent addition … [Read more...]

Like Flappy Bird Game, But Better – The Little Penguin That Could

If you are looking for a great alternative to replace the Flappy Bird Game, then you will want to give The Little Penguin That Could a try. This Flappy-style game is a free iOS Universal Games app that's similar to the now extinct Flappy Bird game - but better. The … [Read more...]

Fairy Game – Diving Fairy, Free iOS Vertical Endless Runner Game!

The Diving Fairy app delivers a magical endless runner game where you guide Rovie, the adventurous fairy, through 36 levels of challenging free-fall gameplay. For generations, fairies like Tinker Bell and the Tooth Fairy have entertained the imagination of kids everywhere. … [Read more...]

Flappy Bird, One Of The Hardest iPhone Games You’ve Ever Played? Video

Flappy Bird appears to be a very simple game, but it's crazy hard and may drive you insane - causing you to either love or hate this game! Watch The Flappy Bird iPhone App Video!- SUBSCRIBE>>   Flappy Bird iPhone App Review and Gameplay YouTube Video … [Read more...]

Lanterns, Matching Game – Plenty of Zen, Swipe Gameplay (Video)

Lanterns is an Oriental themed and graphically arousing matching game app for the iPhone and iPad. You will encounter pleasant music and stunning visuals in a Zen-like atmosphere filled with paper lanterns and simple swiping gameplay. While this game plays as a match 3 … [Read more...]

Cool Instagram Game – Pixol, A Unique Photo Puzzle iPhone Game!

Pixol is a cool, new Instagram game that may change photo puzzle games forever! As most people know, Instagram is a giant photo sharing app now owned by Facebook! This social media community is all about sharing photos and short videos with others. You can follow people, … [Read more...]

Platformer Game, Bouncers Adventures – How Far Can You Bounce?

Looking for a fun and challenging touch game to play on your iPhone, iPad or Android? If so, then you'll get a chance to test your gaming skills in Bouncers Adventures, a fast paced platformer game. This mobile action game may look simple, but it's not as simple as it … [Read more...]

Pixel Gun 3D Multiplayer Shooter Game With PC Minecraft Skin Maker

Pixel Gun 3D is a Minecraft-esque shooter game that features worldwide multiplayer gameplay. This iOS shooter game has 10 different maps and loads of weapons to use. Pixel Gun 3D also features Survival zombie killing gameplay and even has a PC Minecraft skins maker. The PC … [Read more...]

Trivia With Pals Trivia App, A Fun and Social “Battle of the Minds”

Think you know more than your friends, family or random opponents? You'll find out when you play this fun social trivia app by E5 Interactive. The Trivia With Pals Pro, trivia app, combines Quiz Bowl quality questions and exciting social gameplay for a great "Battle of the … [Read more...]