RPG App, Loot Hero – Simple But Fun iPhone RPG Game (Video)

The Loot Hero RPG app lets you slay your way through mythical worlds in this simple, yet fun-to-play micro iPhone RPG game! Watch The Loot Hero RPG App Video Now! SUBSCRIBE>>   RPG Game Loot Hero iPhone App Review Video and Gameplay Video YouTube … [Read more...]

Funny iPhone App, Spit On A Banker – Do You Have Spitting Skills?

Looking for a good laugh? Then give Spit On A Banker, a funny iPhone app, a download and see if you have the spitting skills needed to make your mark! This silly, free iPhone game places you high atop buildings, bridges and other places. And yes, you guessed it, your goal is … [Read more...]

Marvel VS Capcom 2, Arcade Game Smackdown, iPhone Video App Review

It's Marvel comic book heroes against Capcom's video game characters in Marvel VS Capcom 2 arcade smackdown! This iPhone and iPad arcade fighting game features up to 56 playable characters. MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 Arcade iPhone Video- SUBSCRIBE>>   MARVEL … [Read more...]

Asphalt 7 Heat iPhone Video App Review – Slamming Arcade Racing Game

Burn some virtual rubber with Asphalt 7 Heat, one of the latest additions to the Gameloft Asphalt game series. This iPhone Games app currently features 60 cars, 15 jet-setting tracks around the world, and 6 different high-impact game modes. Gameloft has done a great job of … [Read more...]

iPhone Shooting App, Waypoint Commander, Fun Free Arcade Shooter Game

Waypoint Commander is an entertaining iPhone shooting game that feels like an indie-retro version of the classic R-Type games. The gameplay features endless side-scrolling shoot'em up action as you plow your way through space and 10 different flying enemy types. … [Read more...]

Skateboard Party 2, Find Out Why You Want This Skateboard App! (Video)

Skateboard Party 2 is one of the best arcade skateboard apps for theiPhone, iPad, Android and Windows mobile devices. RatRod Studio gives us another awesome arcade skateboard game, and this one comes with improved controls, 8 large game areas, 40 unique tricks, 3 game modes … [Read more...]

Color Pulse, A Mesmerizing And Zen-Like iOS Strategy Games App!

If you're looking for a low-key game to mellow out with, Color Pulse is one of the most relaxing ambient iOS strategy games I have come across in the iTunes App Store. This indie style ambient color-matching game has 3 game modes: Classic, Avoidance, and Elimination. All … [Read more...]

World of Cheese HD Is An Awesome Free Logic Puzzle Game, Puzzle App!

World of Cheese HD is an awesome iOS puzzle app that you don't want to miss out on. This iPhone and iPad Games app has playful cartoon like graphics and 15 free, challenging logic puzzles to complete. As the title states, this game of deductive reasoning is all about finding … [Read more...]

Slice It Game, KingHunt Takes Slicing Games Into The Future! (Video)

KingHunt, a Next Generation slice it game, provides an amazing "slicing game" experience for iOS mobile device users. Prepare for an upgraded Fruit Ninja experience with this new genre of slicing game. Graphically, this iPhone game is above awesome. It has sick graphics, … [Read more...]

League of Evil 2, Punch Your Way Through 100s of Levels (iPhone Video)

League of Evil 2 is a killer, a fun micro-frenzied platformer game that picks up where the first game left off. Yes, "Evil Scientists" are in the works to take over the world, but not before you pummel them into the ground. This iOS Games app features a rich cartoon … [Read more...]