Do You Know What Pills Your Taking? iTake – Supplements and Pills Tracker

Keeping track of supplements and pills can become a daunting task, especially if you are taking multiples of either. iTake - Supplements and Pills Tracker, a Healthcare and Fitness app for the iPhone and iPod Touch will help you track your supplements and pills, provide you … [Read more...]

Is There A Doctor In My iPhone….WebMD

The WebMD FREE iPhone app is a handy feature rich healthcare & fitness application. This app has a lot of great functionality inside for free, such as: symptom checker, conditions, drugs & treatments, first aid information, local health listings and you can log into … [Read more...]

Peak Physique Pro, Find Out How Fit You Are!

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Health App Cures A-Z – Natural and Prescription Medicine Treatments

The iPhone health app Cures A-Z provides you a mix of the best natural and prescription medicine treatments providing a wealth of nutrition and healthy living information. This apps development information came from world-renowned integrative physician Jacob Teitelbaum, … [Read more...]