The Momento (Diary/Journal) App Is More Than Just A Diary!

The Momento (Diary/Journal) app lets you keep your daily thoughts in a slick and easy-to-use iPhone app. With this Lifestyle app, you can also add photos and include your social activities for each day's journaling. Recently, Momento was updated adding features such as … [Read more...]

Food App – Turns Every Day Into A Fun, Festive Food Holiday! gives us an awesome reason to celebrate food 365 days a year with their playful and fun food app that turns every day into a festive food holiday. The Every Day Is a Food Holiday app is an iOS Universal Food & Drink app that makes each day a special … [Read more...]

Zappos Mobile App – Unique and Humorous App Shopping Experience is a very popular online shopping site that is best known for its awesome shoe selection and outstanding customer service. But over the years, Zappos' inventory has expanded beyond shoes to include accessories, bags & handbags, clothing, specific name brands, … [Read more...]

Real Estate by Zillow App – Find Homes, Apartments and Foreclosures

The Real Estate by Zillow – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent app is a great resource if you're in the market for a new home or apartment in the U.S. This iOS Universal Lifestyle app boasts 100+ million home listings in its inventory of real estate properties for sale … [Read more...]

July 4th Fun, Facts & Trivia Game – America’s Roots

Think you know your early American History? Now's your chance to prove it with the July 4th Fun, Facts & Trivia app. This iPhone Games app will test your patriotic knowledge through a simple trivia game format and 50 multiple choice questions that may stump … [Read more...]

Last Time – Track Your Important Events, Event Tracking App, Remember The Last Time You Did Anything!

This event tracking app, Last Time - track your important events, helps you to remember the last time you did anything you want or need to remember. Do you remember when your last vacation was? When you last called your parents? The last time you changed your toothbrush? How … [Read more...]

Fathers Day Free App – Need A Great Gift Idea?

If you're struggling to come up with a good gift idea for your dad this Father's Day, you may want to check out the Fathers Day Free app for the iPhone. This Lifestyle/Reference app has some great gift ideas that would be perfect for your dad. The Fathers Day Free app not … [Read more...]

Holidays US, Great Holiday Countdown App With History and Artistic Flair

Holidays US is a stylish holiday countdown app that will teach you a little history behind some of the most celebrated U.S. holidays as you countdown the days to your favorite event. There are a lot of holiday countdown apps out there, but this free Reference app strikes me … [Read more...]

Plant Nanny, Plant App Waters You and Your Plants

Plant Nanny is a fun plant app that reminds you to drink your water every day. This simple Healthcare & Fitness app calculates your ideal amount of water needed each day based on your weight and activity level. And this plant app includes some cute, virtual plant friends … [Read more...]

Gift Tracker App Tracks Cash, Gift Card Balances, and More!

With so many gifting events all year long, a gift tracker app almost seems like a necessity for your iPhone or iPad. Think about the number of graduations, weddings, baby showers, holidays, birthdays, housewarming, hosting and other events that require a gift. And if you're … [Read more...]