Free Nature Sounds App, Best Relaxation App For Stress Relief

If life has got you stressed out, download this free nature sounds app and escape into a world of natural bliss featuring 20 wonderful stress relieving sounds that will help restore your inner peace in just a matter of minutes. And if a sense of peace and calm is what you … [Read more...]

Eye Vision Test App – 6 Free Eyesight Tests Reveal How Well You Really See

Your eyes are the window through which you see the world around you, but how good is your view? Find out with the Vision Test app by 3 Sided Cube. This iOS Universal Medical app gives you a chance to test your eyesight for free by taking 6 standard vision tests that don't … [Read more...]

Need Sleep? This Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App Helps You Get Sleep!

Getting a good night's sleep seems hard to come by these days, but with this sleep cycle alarm clock app you will be sleeping easy in no time. The Proactive Sleep Alarm Clock is more than just an alarm clock app. This Health & Fitness app tracks your sleep pattern and … [Read more...]

Think Dirty – Shop Smart App, Beauty and Brains!

With an app name like "Think Dirty," you might not know what to think. However, the Think Dirty app isn't as dirty as you might be thinking..or is it? Well, as a matter of fact, the purpose of this free Healthcare & Fitness app is to get you to think clean. The Think … [Read more...]

Pill Reminder App, Top-Charting Medication Management App

There's more than enough stuff you have to remember each day without the stress of remembering to take your medications too. Thanks to the top-charting iPhone pill reminder app called Pill Reminder by, you'll never miss a dose. The Pill Reminder by app is … [Read more...]

App to Relax to: Rain, Rain – Free Sleep Sounds for iPhone

Need an app to relax and wash away your stress? The Rain, Rain - Free Sleep Sounds app (for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) will instantly calm you as you listen to its soothing rain (sound) tracks. This free app to relax comes with 3 pleasant rain sounds of varying rain … [Read more...]

Inspiring Quotes 5000 – Free iOS App, Words To Encourage

In today's tough and fast-paced world it's easy to feel bogged down and discouraged, but a few aptly spoken words can really brighten your day. Inspiring Quotes 5000 (by Michael Quach) gives you a chance to pause and recalibrate with quotes, sayings, and proverbs from great … [Read more...]

Breast Cancer: Beyond The Shock – Supportive Medical Resource FREE App

While does not promote very many causes, we are strong supporters of the fight against breast cancer. CrazyMike's Mom is a two-time survivor of breast cancer, spanning over the last 15 years. I have personally "walked" with somebody through this disease, … [Read more...]

Peak Physique Pro, Find Out How Fit You Are!

Find out how fit you really are with the Peak Physique Pro iPhone app. Not sure how good of shape your in? Well if this is a concern and or you want to find out how far away you are from your desired body fat percentage then check out Peak Physique Pro-Know Your Potential … [Read more...]