Christmas Karaoke: Christmas Carols & Christmas Songs App

Starting in early November, that's when we all begin to "hear" the first hints of the upcoming holiday season. You start recognizing the familiar Christmas tunes everywhere you go right after Halloween. And since Christmas music is so infectious, it's not long before you … [Read more...]

Full Download Music Pro – Slick, Easy, Fast!

Full Download Music Pro (by for the iPhone and iPad allows you to download music directly to your iOS devices from 20 plus different websites, easily create playlists, use simple iTunes file sharing for downloaded files, and a whole lot more. I have used several … [Read more...]

Magic Guitar – Turn Your iPhone Into A Guitar..Smule Does It Again!

Magic Guitar (by Smule) allows you to turn your iPhone into a virtual and interactive guitar where you control the guitar type, notes, tempo, pitch, vibrato, and song activation -- all with a touch of your fingers or a shake of your phone. This is truly another … [Read more...]

Radio Frodio – iOS Social Radio Listening Experience (Video)

Radio Frodio, by APPLIFTO INC. is a social radio application that lets you tune into the best online radio streams from around the world through This iOS universal music app provides 44 of the top-rated streaming radio stations from around the world for your … [Read more...]

Get Musically Cultured with ClassicTunes-USA1

ClassicTunes-USA1 (by twowaynco) is a timeless masterpiece collection of 94 classical songs by the greatest composers and musicians of all time, and is the first part of a three-part series totaling 283 songs. This app packs a lot of classical-music punch with works by Bach, … [Read more...]

Spend Money in iTunes and Earn iPoints Rewards..for Apps, Cash, Gift Cards!

If you're like me, then you end up spending a few bucks here and there in the iTunes purchasing music or videos from time to time. But now, you can get rewarded for your iTunes music and TV video purchases, with the new iPhone app iPoints Rewards, by Apps That Rock. This … [Read more...]

Get FREE Music, Concerts, Audio Books..FREE Music Download Pro Plus App

There are several FREE music applications for the iPhone, but not too many, if any, easily instruct you how to rip the music into your iTunes library, but FREE Music Download Pro Plus for the iPhone does. This music app by Apps2Be gives you access to over 500,000 FREE songs, … [Read more...]

iheartradio iPhone Music App..Awesome Internet Radio Application

Listening to music with your iPhone or iPod Touch just got better with the iheartradio iPhone app. This free music application provides an abundance of regular radio stations, 800+ to be exact on the Clear Channel network. During my testing the radio stations loaded … [Read more...]

FREE Music Download Player Pro iPhone App…Get 450,000 FREE Songs!

Getting something for free these days seems a little far fetched. However, getting free music is not out of the question with the Free Music Download Player Pro iPhone app by Mix1009. This music iPhone app allows users to download free MP3 content to their iPhone and listen … [Read more...]

MadPad – Remix Your Life iPhone App – CrAzY Fun Music App!

Video and music has been and is even more so becoming part of people's daily lives in this digital age. MadPad - Remix Your Life by SMULE Inc. is a new iPhone app that helps people to get creative with both music and video. Users can create there very own visual sound boards … [Read more...]