Parking Meter Pro – No More Parking Tickets or Extended Time Charges

Parking Meter Pro provides a no stress solution to your paid parking dilemma. With this iPhone Utilities app, you don't have to worry about keeping track of time, getting a parking ticket or paying for extending parking time you don't need. Parking Meter Pro has got you … [Read more...]

Fuel Monitor App – Real Time Data, Know Your Mileage and Gas Costs

If you groan every time you “fill'er up,” then maybe it's time to check out the Fuel Monitor iPhone app. This Productivity app will help you become more gas efficient and money wise. Using your iPhone and the Fuel monitor app you'll be able to track your daily travels and … [Read more...]

5 Spring Break Apps You Must Have for iPhone and Android!

Here are 5 Spring Break apps you will want on your iPhone or Android as you take off for Spring Break! The trees are blossoming, birds chirping, and car engines starting at most colleges everywhere as Spring Break kicks into gear. … [Read more...]

Innovative App May Get You Out of That Speeding Ticket!

The TicketDefender iPhone application (by TicketDefender LLC) gives you a way to defend yourself against potentially unfair speeding tickets with a trackable speed/location tool, a printable Speed Report, and a Map Report to aid you in the defense against any speeding ticket … [Read more...]

Find Everything With The Where To? – Discover your next destination iPhone app

Where To? - Discover your next destination iPhone app by Future Tap GmbH is my new goto app to find places near me. Not that I have not liked this app over since it came out, but Where To? has continued to provide new features with repeated and continuous updates and they … [Read more...]

GetMe There Augmented Reality Navigation iPhone App

Augmented reality applications are ever increasing on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. GetMe There is a new navigation app for the iPhone that uses Google Maps + augmented reality to make finding locations really cool. The app has several ways for users to enter the … [Read more...]

CoPilot Live North America iPhone App, Great Nav App!

When I purchased my iPhone back in 06/2008 my original Idea was to use it as a GPS solution. At the time I drove around 200 miles a day conducting Federal Background Investigations so this would have been extremely useful. But, Apple was slow to come to an agreement bringing … [Read more...]

FastFood – Top Restaurant finder app, Greasy, Tasty, Quick!

Bam, FastFood-Top Restaurant finder app by Kuchbi Inc. for iOS and Android will help you get your fast food fix. We all have days when were just to darn busy to eat a basic four food groups balanced meal (like 5 days a week). Some pack a lunch, but that gets old … [Read more...]