Free News App – Pipes All the news you need for iPhone and Android

There are plenty of free News apps for the iPhone and Android, but most are jam-packed with ads, require in-app purchases to get the full use of the app, or may limit your sources of news. But that's not the case with Pipes. Pipes is different than most free News apps for … [Read more...]

AppZapp – Find New Apps, Price Drop Apps Daily (Video)

AppZapp - daily new Apps, best hot deals & free Apps is an app discovery application for the iPhone. AppZapp is a free app that will keep you updated on the latest iPhone, iPad, and Mac price drops. It also lets you set your own price alerts, has a robust user community, … [Read more...]

Reuters App – Trusted Source For Serious News Consumers

If you're looking for a trusted news source to bring the world's most important news to your iPhone or iPad, then look no further than the Reuters app. This free iOS News app will keep you up-to-date with a constant stream of reliable information on politics, business, … [Read more...]

Spun News App – Web News With An Entertaining Spin

The SPUN News app puts a fresh spin on the way the World Wide Web news is consumed on your mobile device. The SPUN: Top News & Culture app (by Broadcastr, Inc.) will help you find the hottest stories trending across the web. These trending stories come from a wide … [Read more...]

The CamFind iPhone Camera Search App Will Blow Your Mind! (Video)

The CamFind – Search With Your Camera iPhone app can find just about anything. This camera search app has an approximate 85% accuracy using your iPhone camera to search objects, scan QR codes, Bar codes, do price comparisons, and a whole lot more. Watch the CamFind - … [Read more...]

NowThis News, Video News App Review

We are strong supporters of app videos and see them as a quick and easy source of information consumption, so it was no surprise to us to see a new news network (of sorts) started via the NowThis News , iOS Universal application. This News app features a sparse number of … [Read more...]

Readability – Not Intuitive, Still A Nice Webpage Reader

I stumbled upon the Readability iPhone app while browsing the iTunes App Store the other day, finding it in the front page section "Amazing on iPhone 5." I quickly became frustrated initially upon opening the app, specifically with the lack of intuitiveness in trying to … [Read more...]

DNC App – DNC 2012 Democrat National Convention App

The DNC App, DNC 2012 is an iOS Universal News application that will keep you informed of the Democrat National Presidential Convention for 2012. AT&T Services created both DNC 2012 and the Tampa 2012 Republican National Presidential Convention app. But, strangely the … [Read more...]

Tampa 2012-Republican National Convention App

No matter what your political party affiliation may be (if any at all), it's that time in life again -- another presidential election year, which is fast approaching -- so mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 6, 2012. The Republican National Convention is also quickly … [Read more...]

USA TODAY for iPhone, The Newspaper On Your iPhone!

USA Today for iPhone has been more than updated the app has been replaced. The original USA TODAY for iPhone app (or version 1.9) has been deactivated and all users were told to get this free version, also known as USA TODAY for iPhone. While this is not that uncommon, it's … [Read more...]