Sudoku Free, Play This Puzzle Game For Free On Your iPhone

Sudoku Free surely has to be a Japanese puzzle game, well almost. Actually, Sudoku was originally invented in 1979 by Howard Garns an American. At the time the logic number puzzle game was called "Numbers in Place". It wasn't until the Japanese popularized that game and … [Read more...] – Needs A Jobs App Bailout!

There are definitely a lot of people who have lost their jobs recently. Not all is lost though because the bailout money should be hitting main street soon. So if you need a job you may want to get the Jobs app form for iPhone and iPod Touch. You can search … [Read more...]

Fandango, Know Movie Times, Locations, Purchase Tickets With This App

I hate very few things in this world, but waiting in movie lines is one of them, Fandango fixes this. With Fandango by Fandango for the iPhone and iPod Touch you can usually avoid waiting in movie lines.   The Fandango app for the iPhone is primarily a movie … [Read more...]

Appy Newz-Scandal Maker, You Make The Trashy Headlines

Appy Newz-Scandel Maker is a cool entertainment app that let's you inject your own humor, anger, twisted personality, etc into your own personal tabloid headlines. You can do so much with this app that you will have to get it to see for yourself. Once you make your … [Read more...]

Urinal Test, Guys Are You Sure Your Picking the Right Urinal?

Urinal Test is an iPhone app to test your (men) ability to select the right urinal. … [Read more...]

Done Drinking App, It’s Not Easy Walking After Drinking (Video)

Sometimes people have too much to alcohol to drink and walking becomes a chore and they should just be Done Drinking. It has been a long time since I have had this trouble. If you need to practice walking before getting drunk then get the Done Drinking app for the iPhone and … [Read more...]

Yelp, Food Reviews by You and Me!

Yelp is the sound my dog makes when I accidentally step on him. Well, there is an app for that, well not exactly. … [Read more...]

Dog Tricks & Bark Machine, Teach That Old Dog Some New Tricks!

Dog Tricks & Bark Machine created havoc at my house when I unleashed the "Bark Machine" part of this app on my animals.  I have 3 dogs and 1 huge cat and the bark machine had them all going crazy.  I was playing around with the meow sound effect and my cat, who does not … [Read more...]

Speller – Free Spell Checker App, No More Misspelled Words!

Speller - Free Spell Checker by TranCreative Software was released just a couple of days ago and is a free English language spelling app. The beauty of this app is its simplicity. Speller appears to do only one thing, but actually this app does much more.  The main function … [Read more...]