SpinMe Alarm Clock – Guaranteed Wake Up App

SpinMe Alarm Clock - Guaranteed Wake Up is an innovative iPhone app for those who have a hard time waking up to a standard alarm clock each day. This iPhone Productivity app features no "Snooze" button on purpose. But you will find a simple and easy-to-use user interface and … [Read more...]

An Alarm Clock Email Reader App That Reads Your Email To You

The Alarm Clock Email Reader Pro iPhone app is part alarm clock app, but has a dual function as an email reader app.   Most busy people wake up and first thing they check is their email. This email reader app has you covered. Not only will the Alarm Clock Email … [Read more...]

Birthday Reminder App – My Birthday Calendar iPhone App

This birthday reminder app makes it easy to remember all your family and friends' birthdays. My Birthday Calendar - The Best Birthday Reminder and Birthday Calendar app (by G-Power) is an iPhone Productivity app that lets you import your iPhone contacts and Facebook friends … [Read more...]

Voice Memo + Appointments = Productivity on your iPhone (Video)

Voice memo is the note wave of the future with smartphones, but Siri, while good for setting appointments, can't provide users with a voice memo in those appointments, or allow those same voice memos to be emailed to others attending those appointments. But the Voice … [Read more...]

Birthday Reminders Free Facebook Contacts B-Day Reminder App

Birthday Reminders: Never Miss One Birthday is a FREE Productivity app that helps you keep track of birthdays for your Facebook friends and contacts, and also provides 10 FREE birthday cards as well. When it comes to remembering and keeping track of my friends' birthdays, … [Read more...]

Gift It – A Christmas Shopping List App for iPhone and iPad

Time to "Gift It" now that the holiday shopping season is in full swing. At this point you may find yourself looking for a quick, simple and fun way to organize your fast-growing gift list. The Free Gift It - A Christmas Shopping List App (by Switchback Media) will help you … [Read more...]

Emoji App (free)- New, Out Of The Ordinary Emoticons!

This emoji app has emoticons, emojis and we have found people love these things, and this recently updated emoji app provides a collection of out-of-the-ordinary emoticons that can be sent in a variety of ways. Emoji 2 Emoticons Free - 300+ Symbols & Icons (by Empire … [Read more...]

Translingo Voice – Translate 38 Languages With Your iPhone

The new iPhone and iPad Translingo Voice app allows you to translate 38 different languages easily and quickly using a variety of methods. I have always wanted to learn a second language like Spanish, Russian, or French, but never got around to it -- and by the looks of it … [Read more...]

Recall – Reminders: Good Idea, But Not There Yet!

Recall - Reminders for Recommendations is an iPhone Productivity app that is supposed to tell you when a movie, app, book, or TV show is coming out. But in fact, this application is really nothing more than a variety of iTunes' affiliate feeds and Rotten Tomatoes' movie/DVD … [Read more...]

oneSafe – Easily Keeps More Than Passwords Secure

oneSafe is an iOS Universal Productivity app that allows you to safely store and protect your most important information. This password manager app features 100+ templates, AES 256 encryption, iCloud sync and more. These days most of us have a load of passwords we want to … [Read more...]