Awesome Bible Verse Wallpaper App – 100s of Artistic Photos With Bible Quotes To Encourage You Daily

They say a picture is worth a thousands words, but when combined with the right words - the overall impact can be priceless. Which is what you may discover as you scroll through the bible verse wallpapers found in this iPhone and iPad Reference app. The Bible Verses: Pro app … [Read more...]

Pop Art App – Turn Your Photos Into Colorful Andy Warhol Art

Add a dynamic and fun punch of color to all your photos with the PhotoJus Pop Art app, by Nine Curves. This iPhone Photography app pays tribute to one of the most iconic artists of the Pop Art movement and lets you easily transform your average photos into captivating and … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Bible Verses App With Quality Wallpapers

It's easy to have a heart of gratitude when you have 100 of the most popular Thanksgiving Bible verses to remind you each day. The Thanksgiving Bible Verses app gives you a wide assortment of quality Retina wallpapers with many Thanksgiving Bible verses for you to reflect on … [Read more...]

Solar Alarm Clock – Sunrise, Sunset, Daylight Hours On A Cool Sundial

If sunrises, sunsets, perfect lighting conditions, and the ability to maximize your daylight hours is important to you, then there is a solar alarm clock app that you'll want to know about. The Sol: Sun Clock — sunrise, sunset, and golden hours. Solar alarm clock. app makes … [Read more...]

Oxford English Dictionary App – 240,000+ Words and Audio Pronunciation

Even with the convenience of "Spell Check" these days, a quality English dictionary is still a must. The Concise Oxford English Dictionary with Audio app comes with 240,000+ words, phrases and definitions used in the English language, including scientific and technical … [Read more...]

AppZapp – Find New Apps, Price Drop Apps Daily (Video)

AppZapp - daily new Apps, best hot deals & free Apps is an app discovery application for the iPhone. AppZapp is a free app that will keep you updated on the latest iPhone, iPad, and Mac price drops. It also lets you set your own price alerts, has a robust user community, … [Read more...]

Food App – Turns Every Day Into A Fun, Festive Food Holiday! gives us an awesome reason to celebrate food 365 days a year with their playful and fun food app that turns every day into a festive food holiday. The Every Day Is a Food Holiday app is an iOS Universal Food & Drink app that makes each day a special … [Read more...]

Star Chart – Star Gazing App with Augmented Reality

The Star Chart astronomy app makes it easy for you to locate, name and explore 100,000+ twinkling stars and planets. This iOS Universal Education app comes with an intriguing Augmented Reality (AR) feature that simulates Space and turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a … [Read more...]

Real Estate by Zillow App – Find Homes, Apartments and Foreclosures

The Real Estate by Zillow – Homes & Apartments, For Sale or Rent app is a great resource if you're in the market for a new home or apartment in the U.S. This iOS Universal Lifestyle app boasts 100+ million home listings in its inventory of real estate properties for sale … [Read more...]

Holidays US, Great Holiday Countdown App With History and Artistic Flair

Holidays US is a stylish holiday countdown app that will teach you a little history behind some of the most celebrated U.S. holidays as you countdown the days to your favorite event. There are a lot of holiday countdown apps out there, but this free Reference app strikes me … [Read more...]