Emu, The Next Generation iPhone Texting App Created By Some of the Brightest Tech Minds!

Emu is not just another texting app. It is the "next generation" texting app for iPhone users. This new Social Networking app provides a load of subtle but very useful functionality in what appears to be regular text messages. Features like "Magic Reply," "Push to Talk," and … [Read more...]

Slideshow App – Memory Jar – Capture and Share Life’s Precious Moments

As the end of the year draws near, the Memory Jar slideshow app is a great way to take all your precious photos from this year's past events, big and small, and turn them into a nostalgic slideshow for yourself, family and friends to enjoy. In addition to the ability to … [Read more...]

Funny Photo App Snaps Pics of Friends Faces Opening Your Pics (Video)

Capture your family and friends' reactions with Reactr, a free funny photo app. This simple Photography app snaps a reaction photo of your friends and family when they open your sent pic. Reactr will then provide you with a candid picture featuring the look on their faces … [Read more...]

Animated Emoji App – Delivers A Fun Jolt of Energy to Emojis and Text

Now you can send flashy and fun animated emoji messages to your friends and family using the Emoji Animated app. This iPhone Social Networking app gives stagnant Emojis and standard text a jolt of energy that will get your boring email and MMS messages moving in all kinds of … [Read more...]

Airlike App – Fast And Easy Way to Share Photos, Contacts And More

Face-to-face communication just got better with the Airlike Social Networking app. Displair, the developer of this revolutionary Airlike Social Networking app, has created an amazingly fast and easy way to share your photos, videos and contact information with … [Read more...]

The Momento (Diary/Journal) App Is More Than Just A Diary!

The Momento (Diary/Journal) app lets you keep your daily thoughts in a slick and easy-to-use iPhone app. With this Lifestyle app, you can also add photos and include your social activities for each day's journaling. Recently, Momento was updated adding features such as … [Read more...]

Jazz Up Your Photos and Videos with The PhotoVideo Cam App (Video)

Put some pizzazz into your standard photos with the PhotoVideo Cam - REAL TIME EFFECTS app for the iPhone and iPad. Watch the PhotoVideo Cam App Video Now! http://youtu.be/d_nrG7yBZ2A   This photo/video effects app lets you quickly put 13 different effects onto … [Read more...]

PhotoAlbum – Photos Album Manager, Total Photo Organization (Video)

PhotoAlbum - Photos Album Manager is an awesome Photography app that makes organizing all your photos into albums quick and easy. This iPhone app features no extra space to manage photos, syncs all albums with the native Photos app, and provides 3 different views of your … [Read more...]

Shottle – A New Photo & Video Social Networking App (Video)

Travel all around the world with the Shottle iPhone app. This new Social Networking app lets you create picture or video shottles, share them, and view other people's photos & videos from around the globe! Watch the Shottle App Video Now To Learn … [Read more...]

Memorial Day App – Photo App With Holiday Themed Overlays

The iMemorial Day Photography app is the perfect Memorial Day app to capture the day's events. Yes, Memorial Day is the official U.S. holiday to reflect and remember the brave men and women who have died serving our country in military service. And it is also a day of … [Read more...]