The Ping App, Simple Binary Messenger App

Ping App is a minimalistic form of binary communication through 1 simple tap or "Ping" to another user. The Ping App's binary messaging replaces the numerous taps, touches, swipes or typing required to send a text message, email or call someone when a simple blip or "Ping" … [Read more...]

Emoticon App: CogniFit MoodCraft, Emoji Social App

The CogniFit MoodCraft, Emoticon app, lets you create, customize, and share your own mood emoticons with friends on Facebook, Twitter -- and the CogniFit community. Emoticon apps or Emoji, as they are also known, are the little animated smiley faces, frowny faces, and other … [Read more...]

Thumb – Post It, Ask It, Rate It, Get Instant Feedback!

The Thumb (Free) iPhone Social Networking app lets you get a second opinion in a matter of seconds, lets you provide your own opinion, as well as start conversations with real people --- real fast -- from posts or images you provide. There are hundreds of social networks out … [Read more...]

Color Text Messages – Spice Up Your Texts, Updates & More!

Color Text Messages (by is a text message designer app that lets you add customized panache to ordinary text messages by giving you hundreds of combination choices for text, backgrounds, textures, clip art, and more that can be shared in a bunch of … [Read more...]

Pinterest – Life In Pictures On Virtual Pinboard

Imagine a social network where you can pin pictures to a virtual pinboard that can be shared as most social networks, via a user stream with friends, family, and others -- then you've just imagined Pinterest. Pinterest is a new social network and iPhone app, which for now … [Read more...]

Speech To Text and Voice Recognition for Facebook and Twitter!

SocialSpeech (by Skynetric) is a voice recognition app that recognizes your speech and converts it into words for posting to Facebook and Twitter, and also reads aloud your text status updates and Tweets as well. This application is perfect for you social networking junkies … [Read more...]

Goba…Event and Group Chat Manager FREE!

Goba is a FREE social networking application that helps users manage events and group chat all from an iPhone or iPod Touch. This app has several other very helpful features such as a discover tab that informs you of what activities are going on around you. You can find … [Read more...]

Instantly Share Your Photos Everywhere with Pro-Share Bulk Uploader!

If you are a photo-sharing individual, then your life will get a little easier with the new iPhone app Pro-Share Bulk Uploader for Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Picasa/Google+, and Twitter, by iApps24. This social networking iPhone app makes uploading your photos/videos fast … [Read more...]

Upload 100 Photos to Facebook In Under 1 Min…Facebook Photo Importer

Both power and casual social networkers will love the new iPhone app, Facebook Photo Importer. This social networking iPhone app can upload up to 100 photos to Facebook in less than 1 minute, according to the developers of this app, Dropico. I tested this app (see above … [Read more...]

Skype The Whole Wide World with Skype for iPad

Skype is an awesome social networking web app that has finally made its way to the iPad. If you are not familiar with Skype, it is a VOIP service that allows for both audio and video conferencing; as well as, instant messaging, to include file transfer. The coolest thing … [Read more...]