Facebook Messenger iPhone App..Wait on Downloading This App

There are somewhere upwards of 700 million people currently using Facebook and a lot of those people love to instant message each other. Facebook being on the ball created a simplistic messaging app for their platform called Facebook Messenger, however, they forgot to make … [Read more...]

Winq iPhone App, Instant QR Code Contact Creator and Reader

QR codes, stand for quick response codes and have been around for quite a while, first created by a Korean auto maker to easily track parts. QR codes have found their way into the social networking age and the iPhone app "Winq" by Indevour allows users to create, transfer, … [Read more...]

Create, Share Video with Viddy new iPhone Social Networking App

It was just a matter of time before a video sharing social network popped on the scene. Viddy the new iPhone app is just that. Viddy is an iPhone app that allows users to upload 15 second videos to their profile. Once uploaded their video can be shared on Facebook, Twitter … [Read more...]

Update Multiple Social Networking Sites with Tap & Tell iPhone App

The Tap & Tell iPhone app by Always on Message Limited is a simple free social networking app. To use the app you simply put in your credentials for the social networks available in this app (Facebook, Twitter, indenti.ca, Plurk, MySpace, Linkedin and Tumblr) and you are … [Read more...]

TweetBot…Stunning Twitter Client-iPhone App Review

TweetBot is possibly the most gorgeous Twitter client available for the iPhone and iPod touch. The user interface (UI) is what really makes it stand out among the rest. It keeps things fairly simple but the sheer usability and features that this app packs make it shine. It … [Read more...]

Voyeuristic Dating iPhone App-Read About, Comment On Others BadDates

iPhone App Review We have all been on a bad date at one time or another, which was later shared to friends or family during dinners or holidays. Some of those stories make you laugh, others may make you cry, but no matter there is always someone who gives you advice on … [Read more...]

OMG Texting Dictionary iPhone App | Text Lingo “Keys to the Kingdom”

This app has been removed from the iTunes App Store. Writer Shawn Edington of the hip texting book "Read Between The Lines" has come out with an iPhone app texting dictionary to enlighten those that need "text" education, which accentuates her book. As a 40 something … [Read more...]