Meal Planning by Food on the Table – Easy, Organized Eating

As far as meal planning apps go, Meal Planning by Food on the Table is a great Free resource for people who have hungry families to feed. Discover a wealth of dishes, practical search filters and more to help you plan meals, spend less time, and save money at the grocery … [Read more...]

New Orleans App: Go NOLA – Official Tourism iPhone App

Whether you're attending Superbowl XLVII, Mardi Gras festivities, looking for a romantic Valentine's Day escape, or just can't get enough of New Orleans -- you'll want this New Orleans app for your iPhone. GO NOLA - the Official Tourism App of the city of New Orleans has … [Read more...]

FlightTrack Pro For All Flight Information Is All You Need (Video)

FlightTrack Pro – Live Flight Status Tracker (by Mobiata) is an awesome "real time" flight information app. This application allows you to search flights by flight number or route and airport. However, for the airport feature you will have to purchase the FlightBoard feature … [Read more...]

iExit Interstate Exit Guide – A Must Have iOS Travel App

Every year many of us embark upon road trips all across the US interstates to reach our holiday and vacation destinations. And the iExit Interstate Exit Guide app, for iPhone and Android, is the perfect travel companion app to take with you on those long car rides. iExit … [Read more...]

Just Landed – Find Out When They’re Landing

The notifications for this app rock! While I had completely forgotten about the fake flight that I added to this app on my iPhone (for testing purposes). At the precise time to leave, I got a loud "jet engine" sound notification and the follow up sounds were those of the … [Read more...]

Find Cheap Gas with the GasBuddy iPhone App

If you haven't already downloaded the free iPhone Travel app GasBuddy Find Cheap Gas Prices, you should so you can start saving money today! … [Read more...]

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives – Hello, Comfort Food!

The Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives iPhone app is the "unofficial" app for the hit TV show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Although I follow a relatively healthy everyday diet covering the basic food groups for myself and my family, sometimes you just get a hankering for some good … [Read more...]

Where To? – Complete A to Z Find Everything Near You App!

Where To? - Discover your next destination using GPS is an easy way to find everything near you app. This iPhone Travel app features 700 customizable categories, a built-in map and web browser, Augmented Reality, as wells as the ability to rate and share just about … [Read more...]

Yahoo! TimeTraveler-Google Search Would Make This App Great!

Yahoo! TimeTraveler is a fantastic Travel app idea that is long overdue, but the great idea and delivery don't quite pan out in this app due to the limited number of cities available to find stuff to do in and the atrocious search functionality. Most people who travel have … [Read more...]

Paris Bargain Eats for iPhone – Find Great Food On A Budget

Paris Bargain Eats (by Quartus Technology) is a Travel application that informs you of the best places to eat when in Paris, keeping budget and quality in mind. It also includes some nice extras such as a money converter, photos, videos of restaurants, area maps, and a list … [Read more...]