Talking Alexander – Your Virtual Interpreter!

Talking Alexander (by Traduko) is a language translation app that makes traveling to foreign places easier because it professionally translates over 300 useful phrases between 9 different languages (the other 2 are in the works), and conveniently categorizes relevant topics … [Read more...]

iSuggest – Your Virtual Suggestion Box!

The iSuggest FREE, iPhone app by App Monsters, gives customers the opportunity to interact with any business based on their experiences with that business. This FREE travel app is simplistic in idea and design, and provides the opportunity to leave immediate feedback to a … [Read more...]

BiteNow Food Deals via BiteHunter!

Find cheap eats with the BiteHunter - Dining Deals for Restaurants, FREE, iPhone app. Not sure what to eat for lunch and don't have a lot of extra cash on hand? Open up BiteHunter, let it know where you are and "there you be"! You will find all available food deals in your … [Read more...]

Teach Your App To Find The Food You Like!

Apps that learn your preferences will probably be the next big thing in the iTunes App Store, and we can see that happening now with the Alfred FREE travel app. Alfred is your personal foodie butler for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and you teach him/or it where and what … [Read more...]

See, Hear, Find Spots Around You with SpotWorld iPhone Social/Travel App

Location finder iPhone apps are plentiful in the iTunes App Store, that being said the "SpotWorld-The Global Social Travel Guide" app joins spots and community. SpotWorld combines the great functionality of a GEO location "spots" near you app with the social community … [Read more...]

SPG: Starwood Hotels & Resorts App Review (Video)

The SPG: Starwood Hotels & Resorts gives you access to 1,100 SPG hotels, resorts and a load of other functionality. … [Read more...]

FastFood – Top Restaurant finder app, Greasy, Tasty, Quick!

Bam, FastFood-Top Restaurant finder app by Kuchbi Inc. for iOS and Android will help you get your fast food fix. We all have days when were just to darn busy to eat a basic four food groups balanced meal (like 5 days a week). Some pack a lunch, but that gets old … [Read more...]

Yelp, Food Reviews by You and Me!

Yelp is the sound my dog makes when I accidentally step on him. Well, there is an app for that, well not exactly. … [Read more...]