The SatFinder App for iPhone Helps You Setup A Satellite Dish Quick!

SatFinder is a handy iPhone app that helps you set up your satellite dish wherever you may be. Many of us have found ourselves perched on a roof, on a ladder or some other position trying to get our satellite TV dish to work. Related Post: SatFinder – Easily Set Up Your … [Read more...]

Satellite Finder App, SatFinder, Set Up A TV Satellite Quick (Video)

Need help setting up your TV Satellite dish? The SatFinder satellite finder app is an iPhone Utilities app that will quickly and easily help you through the process. Watch The SatFinder App Video Review Now!   SUBSCRIBE!   YouTube App Video Review … [Read more...]

Alarm Mate – A Personalized Alarm Clock Experience

Alarm Mate (by Mother Tucker LLC.) is a most user friendly, stripped-down alarm that packs a powerful punch of functionality. This app is in the Utility category, but may actually be a better fit for the Productivity category. The alarm is the surface functionality of this … [Read more...]

Secure Folder PRO for iPhone – Intruders Beware!

Secure Folder PRO (by iDevMobile Tec.) is a pretty sneaky application with all its safety and decoy functionality; this app protects your photos, videos, passwords, credit card information, and more. This iOS utility app not only protects your files, it provides an … [Read more...]

Colored Text Is All The Rage!

Colored text messages let you be one on those people who likes to be different, or at least different when it comes to your text messages or iMessages. The iPhone app, Pimp My Text - Send Color Text Messages (by MobGen) lets you send colored text in your text messages. This … [Read more...]

Repeat Timer Pro – 10x Better Than Native iPhone Timer!

Repeat Timer Pro - Repeating Interval Timer (by Artem Lapitski) is a utility app that is a huge upgrade from the standard iOS native timer and features 3 individual timers, 26 alert options, as well as an intuitive user interface and attractive design. I can understand why … [Read more...]

Got Ram? The Ram Doctor – For iPhone Will Get You Some!

Strangely enough, I came across a utility app for the iPhone, which at first glance made me think it was an entertainment app instead, due to its appearance (like the many fake lock screen apps out there). But, digging a bit deeper after purchasing and downloading the app, I … [Read more...]

Sweet iPhone App To Discover Your Network Speed – Mobile Speed Test

Most of us have checked out the network speed a time or two on our PC or Mac's, but now you can use on your iPhone or iPod Touch to discover your connectivity speed -- I call it "my goto" website. Mobile Speed Test allows you test your network … [Read more...]

Find FREE Apps, Hot Apps, New Apps, Top Apps with App Hits

The iPhone app, App Hits - Discover Free Hot Top Apps On Sale Quickly! by HI Innovation LLC, allows you to access the iPhone apps you want quickly and for the best prices available – thanks to hourly information updates, and if you're feeling generous you can pass this info … [Read more...]

uberClock Alarm Clock – Stylish Time Telling

uberClock Alarm Clock is a great app to have if you use your iPhone as an alarm often, but want to spice things up with a few different clock styles. uberClock features five different clock "styles," including a standard LED clock, a "cubed" or 'Tix" clock, a binary clock, … [Read more...]