AppZilla 2 – 100 in 1! Useful iPhone Utility Apps

AppZilla was a well-made iPhone app that had 100+ apps in one, now, AppZilla 2 takes this to a whole new level. AppZilla 2 is much more polished and easy to use. … [Read more...]

Magic Window – Portable Relaxation iPhone App Review

iPhone App Review – Have you ever searched the word “relaxation” on the AppStore? I have, and you get tons of different results. Magic Window is probably the app you are searching for. It is made for the retina display, and looks absolutely stunning on my iPod touch 4th … [Read more...]

Turn Your Ringer On! – Ring Reminder iPhone App

iPhone App Review Inevitably there are times when I forget to turn my iPhone ringer on after placing my iPhone in silent mode. Ring Reminder is a handy little iPhone app to remind users to once again turn their ringer on after going on silent mode for a meeting, church, … [Read more...]

TextClip Anywhere iPhone App is Huge Time Saver!

The TextClip (TextClip) Anywhere iPhone app (by Unit Kay) is a convenient app that lets you cut and paste to your iPhone clipboard super easy. This app has some cool functionality, but there is a learning curve to this iPhone app. You have to read at least the first page of … [Read more...]

myBatteryLife Will Help You Keep Your iPhone Juiced

The iPhone has a bad reputation for battery life. Is it true? Is the iPhone battery bad? Well, of course the iPhone battery has had it's problems over the years. When you put so many radios (wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, Network) along with push, fetch email what do you expect. … [Read more...] Speed Test App Review

Ever wondered what the network speed of your iPhone or iPod Touch is? If you have I got an app for you. I found a very cool app while scouring the iTunes App Store that will do a speed test on your iPhone (native app). Speed Test app by Ookla for the iPhone and … [Read more...]

Dog Tricks & Bark Machine, Teach That Old Dog Some New Tricks!

Dog Tricks & Bark Machine created havoc at my house when I unleashed the "Bark Machine" part of this app on my animals.  I have 3 dogs and 1 huge cat and the bark machine had them all going crazy.  I was playing around with the meow sound effect and my cat, who does not … [Read more...]