Solar Alarm Clock – Sunrise, Sunset, Daylight Hours On A Cool Sundial

If sunrises, sunsets, perfect lighting conditions, and the ability to maximize your daylight hours is important to you, then there is a solar alarm clock app that you'll want to know about. The Sol: Sun Clock — sunrise, sunset, and golden hours. Solar alarm clock. app makes … [Read more...]

Tornado App, Tornado – American Red Cross Can Save Lives!

The tornado app, Tornado - American Red Cross is our Trending App of the day. This Android, iPhone, and iPad Weather app provides all the information you need to help save your life and the lives of others. The recent tragedy in Moor, Oklahoma was a display of the deadly and … [Read more...]

Weather Mate, This App Will Make You Want to Check The Weather!

Weather Mate is an elegant and easy-to-use live weather and forecast must have iOS app! I usually don't excited about a weather app, but Weather Mate got me excited for more than 1 reason. Weather Mate - Live Weather Report and Forecast is more than just another boring … [Read more...]

Hurricane by American Red Cross – Info, Checklists, Alerts!

Having lived in Florida for more than half my life now, I've come to expect that every year, from June 01st till around November 30th, there's going to be rain, likely tropical storms, and that those storms have the potential to turn into dreaded hurricanes when the weather … [Read more...]

Ourcast – FREE, Real Time Social Weather App

Ourcast (by OurCast, Inc.) is a free, real time social Weather (iPhone) app that lets you know ahead of time if there'll be rain or snow for any given location across the continental U.S. -- and it provides a 10 minute forecast for the next 2-hours -- plus more. This weather … [Read more...]

RainAware – Find Out If You’ll Get Wet Where You’re At!

Never get caught in bad weather again with the RainAware weather iPhone precipitation-notifying app developed by a meteorologist to tell you 3 hours in advance when and for how long adverse conditions will last for your exact location. While the RainAware weather iPhone app … [Read more...]

Hurricane Monitor iPhone Weather App…Stay in the Know!

Hurricane Monitor by Mobeezio Inc. is a fantastic weather application for tracking both hurricanes and typhons. This application is quite easy to use and intuitive for the touch screen user to find additional information. For example, once a named storm is tapped on there … [Read more...]

Earthquake iPhone App Now With Twitter Real Time Geo Tagging (Video)

The Earthquake iPhone app is location based weather app that provides a load of information. Now this app has real time Twitter "Tweets" that are geo tagged for update and realtime communication of damage. … [Read more...]

There’s A Storm Coming: Hurricane App For The iPhone

There are plenty of hurricane apps out there that focus on weather. But there are very few good hurricane tracking apps. Hurricane Pro created by kitty code, llc. is just such a hurricane app.   Hurricane Pro has a simple user interface that allows you to easily … [Read more...]