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Iron Force, Hard-Hitting Multiplayer Tank Battle Game (Video)

Iron Force is a multiplayer tank battle game featuring 2 game modes, 4 maps, and 7 tanks. Overall, this iOS app is a lot fun. However, there is a one negative aspect to Iron Force and that is the freemium game model revolving around the fuel. You can get 3 battles on 1 tank of fuel, but after that you will have to refill using diamonds or wait about 1 hour to refill for free.

There is something really gratifying about firing a tank, albeit a virtual tank. Find out what makes this iPhone and iPad game a blast to play!

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Iron Force Game App Features

• Completely FREE TO PLAY.
• Play online with friends or just jump into a game with anyone!
• Take part in 3 vs 3 Team battles or in 6 player Free-for-All mode.
• Create a Legion with your friends and play together!
• Practice your skills against intelligent AI bots.
• 7 powerful tanks to choose from with more coming soon!
• Increase your tank’s firepower, speed, fire rate and more than 100 awesome upgrades.
• Go to war in one of 4 arenas, watch out for those choke points.
• 8 in-game power ups to find on the battlefield.
• Give your tank a bonus boost with specific patterns and decals.

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