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Iron Man 3 Game – Flying Temple Run On Steroids (Video)

The Iron Man 3 game is like playing flying Temple Run on steroids, if that game existed. Iron Man 3 features intense endless flying gameplay, 4 epic villains, and plenty of Iron Man armors to unlock.

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Iron Man is one of the most beloved Marvel Comics heros because of his on screen snarky and sarcastic character. Not to mention that the Iron Man suit is just really cool. The Iron Man 3 game is called an endless runner, I guess because no one has coined the game category of endless flyer. A critical tip for anyone playing this game is be sure to switch to accelerometer/gyro controls. Why you ask? Because this game is pretty much impossible to play using the touch controls.

iron man 3 game video


Each level you start out flying at a low or higher altitude. When flying low you will encounter obstacles that damage your Iron Man armor if you collide with them. You can also collect healthy amounts of Stark Credits when flying low. Flying high you will encounter various enemies, stationary obstacles, flying planes, missiles, etc. I first started playing this game on my iPad using touch controls and was frustrated. After switching control methods I found the game to be quite awesome.

I decided to give the game a go on my Galaxy Nexus and it played quite well also. The regular slow load time and additional content download time was expected, but the game play did not lag or crash.

iron man 3 game video


Gameloft did a better job on the in app purchase model for the Iron Man 3 game in contrast to their poor implementation in Dungeon Hunter 4.

Iron Man 3 is a fast-paced endless flying game filled with snarky comments, intense gameplay, and un-lockable armors. And in a word…fun!


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