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Is The iOS Avengers Game Like Infinity Blade? (Video)

Is the Avengers Initiative Avengers game like Infinity Blade? Well, not exactly, but there are similarities between the two. Avengers Initiative is an iOS Universal beat’em up game that came out months ago, but recently received an update.

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New additions include a completely playable Captain America, lots of new content, and bug fixes. I did not rush to play this game because frankly I was too busy and I’ve never been a huge comic book fan. However, I wanted to jump into this game because of the buzz going around about how great this game is. And now that I have, my verdict is…Yes, this game is awesome!



I was a little surprised by the similarity of gameplay to the epic fighting adventure game Infinity Blade. The similarities include how the storyline progresses as your hero continues down a path fighting a different bad guy, and even the game controls are almost exactly the same, except you don’t have a blade, just your fists and a shield if playing as Captain America. Regardless, this Marvel Entertainment game is also a “best in class” fighting strategy game and a bunch of fun to play.



I highly suggest this game to anyone who likes fighting games or Marvel Comics. I am looking forward to more updates, possibly the addition of Black Widow, Iron Man, Thor and other Marvel comics characters.

For those of you who want to save some money, try the free version download here: Avengers Initiative Lite, which works on the iPhone and iPad, and provides a taste of the full Avengers’ game.


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