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iSniper 3D Arctic Warfare-More Head Popping Fun by Triniti!

iSniper 3D Arctic Warfare, another sniper game by Triniti Interactive, has 11 different gun-wielding enemies that you take out 1-by-1 for plenty of headshot-popping fun, as well as multiple environments, 2 game modes and 10 different weapons. Triniti Interactive had one of the first sniper games in the iTunes App Store with iSniper, which is now called iSniper 3D — and it’s FREE. This game is much like the original and (now) iSniper 3D, but has a bit more zing that kept me playing. While this game is $0.99, it is very similar in gameplay from graphics to mechanics; however, there is a tougher AI and there are 10 different sniper rifles to purchase as well as upgrade.

You can play this game in Story mode, as well as Endless game mode. Story mode features a pretty horrible plot line along the lines of My Big Fat Redneck Wedding with someone potentially going to prison unless their is a hookup. Infinite game mode is down to business, no plot line just head shots, body shots, and limb shots to infinitum. One level in particular caught my eye called “Suicide Bomber,” where you have to take out a person holding a detonator before they blow themselves up. The realism is startling in this level because if civilians are around the bomber — they perish — never seen this before in any mainstream video game.

iSniper 3D Arctic Warfare iPad app reviewiSniper 3D Arctic Warfare iPad app review

While not really advertised, I came upon a harder level, which was more like a boss battle with some enemies that would only die with a pin-point head shot, during this stage rock music kicked in and got the blood flowing for an improved sniping experience. Overall, it has nice gameplay, graphics are okay, plot line is horrible — really, Triniti, give me a call or some high school kid because just about anyone can come up with better stuff than the garbage plot in this game. Be sure to check out our iPhone video app review for a look at the iSniper 3D Arctic Warfare gameplay. Check out all of our iPad app reviews. Crazy Mike

iSniper 3D Arctic Warfare iPad App Download

Title: iSniper 3D Arctic Warfare
Cost: $0.99
Size: 124 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Triniti Interactive Limited
Store: iTunes App Store

iSniper 3D Arctic Warfare iPad App Download

iSniper 3D Arctic Warfare - Triniti Interactive Limited

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iSniper 3D Arctic Warfare iPad App Developer Description

iOS Universal

THE LEGEND LIVES! Everyone’s favorite sniper series returns with an action-packed arctic adventure!


You are Glous Miller, the legendary super-sniper. Are you going to rot in prison for being too good at your job, or are you going to team up with a hot babe and save the world? A man of your skills is too valuable to make license plates, so buckle up because this is going to be one wild ride!


✓ Upgradable weapons
✓ Gorgeous 3D environments
✓ 2 Modes: Story and Endless


✓ Thrilling cinematic story
✓ Innovative accelerometer and touch controls
✓ Character progression
✓ Pulse-pounding first-person action
✓ 10 different weapons
✓ 11 unique enemies

*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for this iPad app review.

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