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The iSuggest FREE, iPhone app by App Monsters, gives customers the opportunity to interact with any business based on their experiences with that business. This FREE travel app is simplistic in idea and design, and provides the opportunity to leave immediate feedback to a business you have recently visited or one you have visited in the past. The application is your very own virtual suggestion box. Here is how it works: The app opens to the main suggestion screen where you can type in your suggestions, complaints, or kudos to any business near you based on the auto search GPS settings. If you can’t find a business, use the search function in the location tab and search by name to locate the business you are looking for. Once you have completed your suggestion, you have the option to send it anonymously or include your contact information, ask for follow-up from the business (two-way conversation), agree to offers (coupons, gift certificates, etc.), or add an image with your suggestion (in app photo or select from camera role). Once you have made all your selections, you send the suggestion and another window will open up allowing you to rate the business. An Additional feature in this app is an activity log to follow all your suggestions and also where you can follow up on any suggestion by sending another message to a business you may have already sent an initial suggestion to. This app works with both businesses that are in the iSuggest network, and those that are not; however, the non-iSuggest network business may take longer to get and respond to your suggestion. Want to leave feedback for any business, then download the FREE iSuggest app, sign up for FREE from the app and get suggesting — Speak your mind. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. CM

free iphone app reviewsfree iphone app reviews

iSuggest FREE iPhone App Details

Title: iSuggest
Price: FREE
Category: Travel
Size: 2.8 MB
Developer: App Monsters
Store: iTunes App Store

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iSuggest - App Monsters

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iSuggest FREE iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
iSuggest is a virtual suggestion box that lets you leave instant feedback to any business. Your suggestion will be delivered directly to the management. No need to hunt down an employee or leave a message in a suggestion box that never gets checked. We make sure your feedback gets delivered to the people that can solve the problem. Suggestions like yours helps to make a better experience for everyone.


+ Use GPS to show a list of nearby businesses so you can easily select your current location.

+ Search for businesses outside your immediate area – allows you to leave feedback to a business you visited in your past but are no longer near.

+ Speak freely with anonymous feedback that gets sent to the business management.

+ View the progress of your suggestion as it gets delivered, read and responded to along with any follow-ups from either you or the business management.

+ Send and receive follow-ups to engage in two-way conversations with the management.

What’s new

Message Delivery Transparency

Track the status of the delivery of your feedback and get notified when a business reads and/or responds to your feedback.

Enhanced Customer/Business Communication

2-way dialog between the customer and business owner. Customers will now receive responses to feedback directly within the application. Respond to business replies and receive rewards or coupons when provided by the business owner.

More businesses to talk with

Use GPS to find a business near you or expand your location search to leave feedback for over millions of retail businesses within the United States.

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