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iTapPirate – Tap-To-Shoot 3D Pirate Madness!

Arrr, Matey! Ye land lubbers will want to check out iTapPirate (by Inter Illusion), a new tap-to-shoot Epic adventure game featuring a massive number of enemy pirates, stunning graphics, and explosive gameplay as you play through the challenging Survival and Endless Campaign game modes. If you like tap-to-shoot games, awesome 3D graphics, and lots of action, you will love this new iPhone and iPad (iOS Universal) Games application. The game jolts you with plenty of excitement right away throwing you into a First Person view (in rail-type gameplay) where you move from area to area tapping on the never ending pirate enemies who are either shooting at you or the hapless civilians whom you must save. You are armed with 1 weapon, a pistol, but you are able to use a shotgun and cannon through power-ups. All of the weapons can be upgraded for fire rate, clip size, and extra damage. You’ll find when tapping on a pirate that the faster and more accurate you are with your tapping the longer you will stay alive. There are head shots, chain kills, double kills, triple kills, and other bonuses to earn along with achievement that will earn you coins.

Coins can be used to upgrade your guns, buy power-ups, increase your Swashbuckler’s items like armor and other items to increase your gameplay. There are 2 game modes, Campaign (endless) and Survive/or Survival, which is also endless. Both game modes play along the same beautiful 3D scenes, which can be toggled to 2D if you wish. There are also 3 difficulty settings to increase the replay value of this game. My initial thought was: sure tap-to-shoot — how long before this gets boring? But, bored I was not. While endless tapping gets repetitive, the many different realistic pirate scene environments (at times in darkness), massives waves of enemies (Survive), and increasingly difficult enemies (Campaign) all make the game a competitive joy to play.

Playing through the first area was a challenge and I was only on the normal difficulty setting. There were pirates popping up from under every crate and behind every barrel hurling muskets and eventually cannon balls at me. You will advance with hands reaching in front of you going from a slaughter of pirates only to rescue civilian challenges where you take damage when you or a pirate kills an innocent bystander. The game is super fast paced and does not disappoint with excellent cut scenes, realistic pirate sounds and loads of challenging gameplay.

Most tap-to-shoot games do not sport the kind of graphics Inter Illusion has crafted for this salty and seaworthy shooter game. iTapPirate is a tap-to-shoot game that will challenge you more than you would expect and take you on an awesome journey as a swashbuckler apparently escaping a hoard of angry and well armed pirates. A tip: watch out for the pirates with the cannons — they look cool coming at you in 3D — but they do considerable damage. One other tip: the pirates get quite close to the civilians and when you and the pirates are shooting them, you die that much quicker — so carful tapping. Be sure to watch the iTapPirate iPhone App Video Demo for a complete look at the pirate madness in this iPhone and iPad Games application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

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iTapPirate - Inter-Illusion

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