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It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane..No It’s Superman on Your iPhone!

Having grown up in the 70’s and 80’s I remember the Superman movies, with then stud actor Christopher Reeves. Never got into the comic books per se, but still dig Superman, geez, what’s not to dig? Now you can have the saintly superhero on your iPhone with Superman, by Chillingo. This is the first iOS game I have played that allows free-flying, as well as a variety of other cool movements and attacks that are unique to the Superman we all know (like laser eyes, super breath, super running speed, super throwing, and more). This game has 18 missions, which seem like a paltry amount of gameplay compared to other games; however, each mission has waves so the gameplay is more than it appears, but I would still like to have seen more in a first release of this game — 18, why not 20, 30, or another round number. Either way, Superman is a very fun game that has unique Superman gameplay no other iPhone game offers — and is an easy choice if your looking for a fun game for only $0.99. For more iPhone video app reviews. CM

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Sorry this app has been removed from the iTunes App Store.

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