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JAM: Jets Aliens Missiles – Frantic Touch Shooter Game

JAM: Jets Aliens Missiles (by Forest Moon Games) is a classic shooter game that features 5 long stages, 3 difficulty settings and plenty of merciless enemies to avoid since you only have 1 life. This iOS Universal shooter game reminds me of an endless runner game, except for the distinction of stages. JAM: Jets Aliens Missiles is a rather challenging game where you auto move from left to right (endless runner feel), which pushes you forward into the onslaught of voracious enemies. You can, however, move your ship up and down and use 1 of 3 current weapon systems (missiles, machine guns or lasers) to blow up or slice through your enemies. All weapons systems can be upgraded and there are additional helps in the form of modules that can be purchased which will provide you an energy shield, attractor, and shockwave to help you survive longer.

Speaking of survival, and the other reason this game gives me an endless runner feel is that you only have 1 life to live. This “1 life” business is a bit tough until you get acquainted with the controls, since you can only move up and down depending on what style of weapon you are using — you may be a bit challenged. I used the missiles and upgraded them and they worked well, but to shoot with the missiles you have to tap to acquire targets or slide over several enemies to target multiple enemies at once, which works quite well and the max upgrade allows for 10 missiles to be launched at once. The machine gun and laser require you to move the ship to aim and there is a bit of an up and down movement that makes aiming a bit more difficult. I used the machine gun, without upgrading in the second stage, and did not do quite as well as I had done with the missile — found myself doing a little “spraying and praying.” The ship can be upgraded with a variety of custom paint jobs including the American Stars and Stripes, and it appears that the game was pushed out with the idea that more ships and stages will be coming, or are already in development.

I am partial to shooter games and found this to be very likable one in its genre. The enemies have a retro feel (being a gamer that grew up in the 1980’s) especially the first boss “Dragonus” with his Galaga type wingless body. In addition, the enemy flames, deadly breath (and what have you) also have a reminiscent feel of old style arcade games that still haunt the corners of my brain. JAM: Jets Aliens Missiles provides a lot of good fun, but currently the “Store” is not working for in app purchases to buy enerjoules to upgrade your weapons, paint your ship, or buy module add ons — but this will be fixed with the next update according to the developer. The enerjoules are given out in a decent to large amount in comparison to other games in app currency models — so, with some gameplay under your belt, you will earn enough enerjoules to upgrade weapons and other stuff.

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JAM: Jets Aliens Missiles - Forest Moon Games

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