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JANES Chalkboard Games 2 HD: Classic Games New Twists!

JANES Works Co. has created another fun virtual chalkboard set of games called JANES Chalkboard Games 2 HD (for the iPad) that is filled with 5 old-time favorites, but with some fresh new twists. The first set of Chalkboard Games was called JANES Chalkboard Games HD and contained many of the games we all grew up with. This time around JANES Works has given us even more classic games, in the same wonderful virtual chalkboard game environment. The 5 games included in this new version of games are Code Breaker, Apple Speller, Copycat, Leapfrog, and Tic Tac Gobble. Each game is an older classic game, but some have a few obvious twists.

Code Breaker is like the challenging board game Mastermind, a popular board game from the Seventies, that challenges 1 player to figure out the 4 color code (Hard mode in this game) through a series of guessing logic. Apple Speller is like Hangman, with an apple being taken off the tree for each incorrect guess. If you play in Easy mode you’ll get one coveted guess or hint offered to you before your last apple falls off the tree (last guess). Copycat is like the electronic board game Simon where the player needs to follow the 4 colors in the exact order as they are presented, which can be a huge task for those of us with short memory spans. Leapfrog is like Marble Solitaire, and if you have ever eaten at the Cracker Barrel, this is the wooden board golf tee game that sits on each table in this restaurant chain. However, in Hard mode you will have to put your thinking cap on, as it is extra difficult. Lastly, Tic Tac Gobble is, well, Tic Tac Toe on steroids. This game allows players to gobble up smaller circles (sorry, no X’s in this version of Tic Tac Toe) and the game movement is a little different as well, making for an interesting change — yet, an engaging and fun game.

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All the games in this second iPad set of chalkboard games have a chalkboard theme (as previously mentioned) and most can be played 1 or 2 player and with several difficulty settings. I found all the games on the easier levels great for young kids, but older kids and adults will enjoy a good challenge on the harder levels or while playing in two player mode — well, I guess that depends on whom you are playing. The games presented in this app are great old-time classics with a fresh new twist. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

JANES Chalkboard Games 2 HD iPad App Details

Title: JANES Chalkboard Games 2 HD
Price: $1.99
Size: 11.2 MB
Category: Games
Developer: JANES Works Co.
Store: iTunes App Store

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JANES Chalkboard Games 2 HD - JANES Works Co.

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JANES Chalkboard Games 2 HD iPad App Developers Description

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Following in the footsteps of the bestselling Chalkboard Games HD, Chalkboard Games 2 HD brings you 5 more classic games all in a single app. Chalkboard Games 2 HD is designed especially for the iPad screen size, and like the original, it is “chalk”-full of hours of fun with five classic games all in one app, including: Code Breaker (like Mastermind), Apple Speller (Hangman with a twist), Copycat (like Simon, the classic electronic game), Leapfrog (like Marble Solitaire), and Tic Tac Gobble (Tic Tac Toe with a twist). Except for Leapfrog, all of the games come with 2-player as well as 1-player modes. And just like the original Chalkboard Games, you get all five games for one low price of just $1.99!!

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