Jelly Wars iPhone App…Online Last Jelly Blob Standing Strategy Game

Jelly Wars by Star Arcade is the latest in a series of online game applications this developer has placed in the itunes app store. This game title features strategy game play where you an another jelly blob square off in a battle do the death. Your weapons, jelly bombs and sticky jelly bombs (yes I know, a little redundant). Players can also move as well as shoot bombs at their enemy. The last jelly blob standing or sticking wins. Jelly Wars is a fun somewhat addictive pick up an play with anyone in the world iPhone game. Watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete demonstration of this iPhone application.

iphone app reviewsiphone app videos

iphone app reviews

Jelly WarsApp Details

Title: Jelly Wars
Price: $0.99 (launch Special)
Category: Games
Developer: Star Arcade
Store: iTunes App Store

Jelly Wars App Download Link

Jelly Wars - Star Arcade Oy

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