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Great Diary and Journaling App To Motivate and Keep You Writing

Keeping a diary or journal is easier than ever when you have a great journaling app like Q&A Diary – Roller Journal. This top-rated iPhone and iPad journaling app comes with an elegant design, 2 journaling formats, and lots of customization features to motivate and keep you writing. Q&A Diary also comes with a variety of stats and reminders, the ability to journal with friends, privacy and backup options, and more that’ll make this diary and journaling app your new best friend.

Journaling App Roller Journal iPhone App Review

Beside being a nice looking app with an overall 4.5 rating in the iTunes App Store, this diary app comes with great features and options you’ll appreciate. You can choose to use this mobile app like a traditional diary journal, using the free form mode to write about anything you like, or opt for a little help to jump start your creativity by answering the 32+ bonus questions that are included.

The Q&A feature in this journaling app is a great option for people who are usually intimidated by a big blank sheet of paper. There are plenty of interesting questions to help even the most reluctant writer get started.

Here Are A Few Bonus Question Topics To Jumpstart Your Journaling

  • “If you could be anywhere right now where would you be?”
  • “Best lie you’ve ever told?”
  • “What’s the best thing you read lately?”
  • “”Who did you see today?”
  • “Do you have any scars? How did you get them?” – and the list goes on.

It’s amazing how easy it is to write once you have that 1 question to help get you started. Another thing nice about the Q&A portion of this diary and journaling app is your option to sort, re-organize, categorize and customize questions. You can choose to answer questions randomly or on demand. You can even add your own questions to expand the depth of this writing app, either as single questions or a set of questions. And aside from these provided options, the Q&A Diary – Roller Journal app has additional topic packs that you can purchase for $0.99 each.

Diary iPhone App Review Journal App

Also, keeping track of your diary entries and frequency is easy since Q&A Diary – Roller Journal displays your Milestones on the main screen as number of: Entries Reached, Questions Reached, Words Reached, Days in a Row and Days Till Next Milestone. And if you slide over to the next screen, you’ll even see the days and times that you write the most.

Another nice feature is the option to use tags in all your entries for better organization and search. There’s even the opportunity to view a list of all your entries by date, tag or question. And for those of you who value your privacy, a pass code can be set to keep all your entries private.

And since journaling on a regular basis can be a hard habit to get into, this journaling app lets you create your own Time and Frequency reminders to help you stay on track. And to save you entries, Q&A Diary – Roller Journal works with Dropbox, by creating a folder in your Dropbox that only you have access to. This diary app also includes a once a week backup reminder by default. The only negative to this iOS journaling app is that it does not currently include iCloud support or syncing between iOS devices.

Roller Journal iPhone App Review

But on a positive note, for those of you who like a social journaling experience, Q&A Diary – Roller Journal gives you the ability to share questions and answers, from this journaling app, with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, SMS or Email.


Q&A Diary – Roller Journal is a quality diary and journaling app to motivate, inspire, and keep you excited about recording your life events. You can download this diary app for your iPhone and iPad and start journaling about your life today.

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