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The Juice App, Free iPhone Health App To Get Fit

Many of us are running on empty these days and not be sure where to start to break the energy-zapping cycle we find ourselves in. As usual, there’s an for that a health app called Juice by Mindbloom. This simple health app is intended to steer you in the right direction by providing fun and easy assessment tools to gauge your daily energy levels (and specific activities) to clue you in on what activities energize you and which ones deplete your human gas tank. The overall concept is to have you look at your daily habits and make positive changes toward becoming a healthier you. In addition to the daily assessment portion, you’ll see simple charts based on your input, expert tips and tricks, daily reminders to help keep you on track, and a variety of suggested resources and wealth of information to explore. All this combined will (hopefully) encourage you to make health changes that will positively impact on your health now and in the future.

Juice App For iPhone Review

“Juice, World’s Funnest Energy Tracker” is Juice’s tagline, and since this health app is a collaborative effort between two health conscious parties, Mindbloom and Vivacity, the common goal is to help people realize a better quality of life with simple wellness solutions through diet, sleep, exercise, as well as how additional “ingredients” like balance, mood and stress impact us. This health app is simple and easy to use, and comes with colorful and fun interactive cartoon graphics to pique your curiosity. The daily assessing process is humorous, and in a couple of minutes you can get an idea of where you rate on the energy charts. The Juice health app asks you to rate your energy starting with “Today.” Is your energy level: great, good, okay, bad or awful? This same metric is used across all 6 Juice “Ingredient” categories, but you’ll start out with the 3 big ones first: Sleep, Exercise, and Nutrition.

The silliest part about this app is the cartoon graphics depicting an energy level for each of the word metrics (great, good, okay, bad or awful) in the main health categories. For example, in the Sleep category, if you rated your energy level as “awful,” then your poor little sheep blob lays on the ground unable to jump over the fence, as he stares into space with his blood-shot eyes. But if your sleep level is rated “great,” your sheep is passed out on the other side of the fence dreaming about other sheep jumping over the fence. As you can see there is a sense of humor and imagination going on in this iPhone health app.

iPhone App Review for the Juice App

Aside from the funny graphics, you’ll find relevant general topic information for each health category, can browse expert tips and tricks, and delve into more in-depth information from other resources for website articles, books and more. The information within this iPhone health app is based on the knowledge of experts like “Patricia Bannan, registered dietitian and author of Eat Right When Time Is Tight and Brett Blumenthal, bestselling author of 52 Small Changes: One Year to a Healthier, Happier You” and many more. Juice also has additional features and functionality for things like: My Stats, My Notes, and My Tips. Once data is entered, Juice starts immediately tracking and charting your daily entered data. Notes allows you to add your own input and My Tips will store your favorited tips to motivate and keep you on track.

After you’ve participated in tracking the first 3 “Ingredient” categories, you can add the other 3 ingredients (balance, mood, and stress), but have to unlock these by earning credits (100 points each) by completing weekly assessments, opting to get wellness information from Vivacity and redeeming gift codes from Mindbloom partners. However, you can look through the word metrics on the graph for these locked categories to see the funny responses for each word metric (awful, bad, okay, good, great) and read the general topic information, and “Rate My Balance” definitions. It doesn’t look like you get access to the charting/graphing functionality nor the additional resources information. One other thing I should mention, is that there isn’t an apparent way to use this health app without entering in a valid email and some minimal personal information to get started. And one other thing: the developer “temporarily removed in-app purchasing of credits” allowing them to be earned instead, as stated above.

Juice isn’t the kind of health app that’s going to track what you’re eating, your food calories nor calories burned during workout routines, but it will however enlighten you and provide helpful information and resources that may cause you to reevaluate the impact of some key “ingredients” affecting your overall health and energy levels — which if altered, should put you back on the road running on a full tank of energy juice.

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