Juicy Tomato vs. Tomato Smack Down…Tomato Crush!

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Every now and again a crazy iPhone app comes along that really makes you ponder…..”What and the heck were those developers thinking?” I see some really interesting game scenario ideas reviewing apps all the time, as is the case with the new iPhone game, Tomato Crush (by Dysotek). This iPhone game is nothing more than a 4-way tomato smack down brawl with the best man (or tomato in this case) left standing as the winner. Typically tomatos would not be my first choice for a brawl — unless I were throwing them at someone (something I would not and never have done…disclaimer). But, in this iPhone game it works.

iphone game reviewsiphone app review

This indie game features 4 unique tomatos you can brawl as (ninja, samurai, wrestler, or sioux), 4 different game modes and 10 different map levels to brawl in. The object: face off with the other 3 computer opponents in a sort of cage match where the object is to hit your opponent in the back and sides of their tomato head to, well crush them. There are power-ups to assist you in this game, and traps to avoid (that will reduce your health), and remember, while you are trying to crush your opponents they are trying to do the same to you. The map levels also provide bounce zones to make the gameplay more interesting. The controls will take a bit of getting use to as there are right and left arrows, and you use both to navigate your chosen tomato through each match. There is strategy involved in this game to become the last tomato standing and must be earned which means you have to give this game a few levels before you plan on winning. I look forward to hearing the back story on how the developers came up with this game. Enjoy! For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Tomato Crush iPhone App Details

Title: Tomato Crush
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 18.1 MB
Developer: Dysotek
Store: iTunes App Store

Tomato Crush iPhone App Download Link

Tomato Crush - Dysotek

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Tomato Crush iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
Prepare for some juicy tomato vs tomato action…

Tomato Crush places you in an arena with three other tomatoes in a free-for-all battle with ninja, samurai, Sioux and wrestler tomatoes!

To overcome your enemies grab power-ups, avoid traps and use the bounce zones!

Smash your enemies to become the ultimate tomato champion!

– Fun 2D graphics.
– 4 tomato characters: Ninja, Samurai, Sioux & Wrestler.
– 4 game modes: Tournament, tomato lander, potato survive & bean splash.
– 4 player fights (1 human and 3 CPU).
– AI opponents.
– 10 maps with traps, power up objects and bounce zones for an exciting and dynamic game experience.
– Audio tracks plus sound effects.
– Touch Controls.
– Game Center support for rankings and achievements.
– And more!


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