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Jumping Pets – Free, Doggie Paper Toss Like Game

Jumping Pets (by Stinky Face Studios) is a dog lover’s version of the popular “Paper Toss” style iPhone and iPad games. In this game you’ll choose a pet and play to see how many toy boomerangs, frisbees and tennis balls your virtual pooch can retrieve while playing in a variety of areas throughout 9 increasingly difficult levels of gameplay. This iOS Universal Games application gets its roots from the original flick time waster game, Paper Toss by Backflip Studios. Now, we have the original dog lover’s flick iOS game featuring 5 different K9’s, and 5 playable areas with level flicking toys to toss-to-your-dog gameplay.

Each dog has its own special trick, which you will discover while throwing toys to your selected dog, like Tickles (the Chihuahua) who performs a tornando trick. This free version offers you 1 dog unlocked: Tickles and 1 area (the beach) with 9 levels of gameplay. I was able to unlock another dog, Zeus, after a short period of gameplay, however, if you want to unlock all the scenes, it requires in app purchase. The objective is to score as many points as you can by getting your dog to catch all the toys you throw, but it’s a little more challenging than that since you have to deal with changing wind directions, different wind speeds, moving dogs, and pesky birds — that when hit deduct points from your score. Each level has a specific time and is rated on a 3 star scoring system.

Jumping Pets is good, but the flicking graphic needs a bit of sharpening. The throwing of toys is not nearly as fluid and crisp as this game’s grandfather, Paper Toss, but Jumping Pets is still fun and I would consider it a nice indie “Paper Toss” style game. Dog lover’s will definitely enjoy the variety of dogs that this game features, and personally, I liked the robo dog best. The only other slight issue is with the level gameplay, the increased difficulty wasn’t obvious enough for me as I played through the 5 levels — other than the bird point deductions, there was little notice of significant difficulty. Regardless, dog lover’s will enjoy playing with a virtual version of man’s best friend in this toss and fetch, flick time waster game . Be sure to watch the Jumping Pets iPhone App Video Demo for a complete look at this iPhone and iPad Games application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

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Jumping Pets - Stinky Face Studios

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