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Just Landed – Find Out When They’re Landing

The notifications for this app rock! While I had completely forgotten about the fake flight that I added to this app on my iPhone (for testing purposes). At the precise time to leave, I got a loud “jet engine” sound notification and the follow up sounds were those of the “boarding bell ding” — which are totally recognizable to anyone who flies — very nice touch by the developer.

For more times than I can recall, I have download the latest and “coolest” iPhone app only to find out that the degree of learning difficulty caused me to quickly lose interest (and my eyes to glaze over), as well as to leave the app wasting out of pocket money (if a paid app) — and definitely out of pocket my time. Apps that do cool things are, well, “very cool” — but when the app functionality becomes too weighty to learn quickly, the app is typically a failure. People have really short attention spans these days. I certainly do, just ask Mrs. Crazy Mike! People with short attention spans will like the “Just Landed” iPhone Travel app that does one main objective very well, which is let you easily track incoming airlines flights with very little effort on your part.

This app is “stupid simple” to use, which is why most people will like it. You need a bit of information, like the flight number, including the airline’s identifier, but don’t worry if you don’t know the airline’s code, there is a handy search box to find this. Once you got your flight information entered correctly, a screen pops up with really basic but very useful information. You will see, in very large letters, the “To” and “From” airports, as well as current scheduled landing time (if delayed/cancelled), gate number, your driving time, and time you should leave in a nice orange meter that counts down from the first time you enter the flight information. The flight number is at the top left, where you can also access search for additional flights and a car icon on the bottom right takes you to already mapped directions in the Apple maps application. The interface is slick and really easy to digest, so you should never be late picking someone up from an airport again. More importantly, you will know if a flight is going to be delayed or not, and whether or not you should leave for the airport in the first place. Just Landed also provides updates for flight change information and notifies you when you should leave your location to arrive on time at the airport. This iPhone travel app sells for $0.99, does exactly what is claims to do, is super easy to use, and if it keeps you from wasting any time — it’s worth the purchase price in my opinion.


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