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Kick The Boss – Kick The Buddy Replacement!

Kick The Boss, although, similar to Kick the Buddy, which is currently not available in the app store, this app delivers more for FREE. Kick the Buddy is a great game but since late December 2011 it had disappeared from the iTunes App Store with mention that it would be back in a few days. Months later there is still no sign of this silly casual stress-relief app where you kick the crap out of a straw doll in a variety of violent ways. Game Hive Corp. obviously saw a great opportunity and seized the day by providing a Kick the Buddy Experience, but in a bit of a different way — Kick The Boss. This game also features a bevy of weapons, dishes, office supplies, and more to hit, pummel, beat, scare and harm the boss of your choice. While this is a FREE game, it is based on the Freemium revenue model meaning you will fork out real-world cash to buy weapons, backgrounds, and other bossess to work off your aggressions on. Although some can be earned by (you guessed it) beating the boss or kicking the boss, whatever you want to call it.

Kick The Boss FREE iPhone Game app ReviewKick The Boss FREE iPhone Game app Review

Personally, I like Kick The Buddy, and for the most part that game has more extensive weaponry, but it costs $0.99 and only had 1 buddy to kick. This game is FREE and has more bosses to kick and better blood-splatter animations than what appeared in Kick The Buddy. Until Kick The Buddy resurfaces, Kick The Boss is a great alternative that could be viewed as better in many ways. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app review for gameplay footage as well as commentary for this app. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

Kick The Boss iPhone App Details

Title: Kick The Boss
Price: Free
Size: 30.4 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Game Hive Corp.
Store: iTunes App Store

Kick The Boss iPhone App Download Link

Kick the Boss - Game Hive Corp.

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for review of this iPhone application.

Kick The Boss iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
Download the Store App and wish for more top rated paid apps like “Kick the Boss” to become FREE for a day!
Beat up your boss with this game! We know how stupid and mean they can be. Stand up for yourself, give them what they deserve. Bazooka right in the face! You can punch, burn, stab, slap, egg them and much more!!

The game: $0.99… Your boss’ ugly beaten face: priceless.

✪ Best stress-relief game
✪ 30+ upgradable weapons (More Coming!)
✪ 4 characters with hilarious expressions
✪ 4 backgrounds
✪ Secret combos
✪ Fully physics simulated

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What’s new
Version 1.3
– Added more office backgrounds
– Added coin collecting
– Made more buddy damages
– Balanced weapons
– Fixed heart buying
– Fixed other minor bugs

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