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Kick The Buddy: No Mercy HD, Let The Beatings Begin (Video)

Kick the Buddy: No Mercy HD brings the Buddy back for more beatings. This new Kick The Buddy app features new weapons, tools, explosives, and much more!

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Kick The Buddy has been in the iTunes App Store for years. The original Kick The Buddy is no longer available in the App Store. But, there are a bunch of other versions, most recently the Kick The Buddy: No Mercy HD. This stress reliever app features much of the same as the other versions, with a few added extras.

Kick The Buddy: No Mercy HD


The Buddy has a new body, which features more realistic effects from being beaten, pulverized, lit on fire, frozen, and ultimately taken out. He grows knots on his head, turns black & blue, and of course bleeds. Something new to the Kick The Buddy: No Mercy HD app is the option to change what the Buddy bleeds from the inside.

Kick The Buddy: No Mercy HD


The gameplay is the same: choose your weapon, gun, bomb, or other implement of destruction and torture the Buddy. The more you “Kick the Buddy” the more cash you earn, and you can now level up in this Kick The Buddy version. Other extras are flame effects, extra XP, hornet’s sting, and extra cash power-ups.


Kick The Buddy: No Mercy HD is a well made app and you do get a decent amount of enjoyment for your $1.99. But, once you start playing for a bit you will find that this is free-to-play entertainment app can hit you hard in your pocket!

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