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Kick The Buddy — Not The Dog! (Video)

The Kick The Buddy app gives you something to kick, instead of the dog! This app provides you with your very own little buddy who looks similar to a voodoo doll. Cool thing is there are more ways to relieve stress than you can “shake a stick at” in this fun, entertaining stress-relieving game.

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The app opens up to your buddy, who is jovial and quite playful for starters (that is all about to change). You can get to work on your buddy by shaking your iPhone or iPod Touch or simply touch the buddy to sling, slap, or throw him around. Then look to the upper left and you will find a red ribbon, pull the ribbon and you can access the Buddy Notepad where all the good stuff is in this application. In here you will find categories for stuff, decor, profile and extra. Under profile you can customize your buddy by putting an image of person’s face in place of your buddy’s.

Kick The Buddy


All of the categories have multiple items in them that you can use to kick the buddy, such as: chainsaws, shotguns, rocks, circular saws, harpoons, mace, Justin Bieber dolls, guitars, tomatoes, acid, flame throwers, and much more. Most items can be purchased by the money you will earn for kicking the crap out of your buddy. Other items need to be purchased for $0.99 or more through in app purchase.

Kick The Buddy


Kick The Buddy is a great, therapeutic stress-reliever iPhone app for anyone who needs to vent.

YouTube App Video Link: Kick The Buddy iPhone App Review – CrazyMikesapps[powerpress]


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