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Find Them All: looking for animals, Fun, Educational App for iPad! (Video)

Find Them All: looking for animals, by Knbmedia is an interactive, multi-language, animal look-and-find game featuring animals in their natural habitat, along with lots of fun extras such as creating jigsaw puzzles and an option to print out an activity booklet. Perusing through the various sections of this kids’ education app, one thing was very clear and that is that this app is packed with lots of interesting animals and animal facts presented in a fun look-and-find process.

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While there is so much more to this app, discovering the different animals (not always the ones you see in the zoo) is what really stuck out to me, as well as the fun portrayal of each animal with a sort of bobble-head effect, as you tap on it to show the stunning high-resolution image. This educational game app currently has 3 animal packages or themes: Farm, Africa, and Oceania, with Asia on the way. By the way, the Farm Animals section is completely FREE, and the other 2 through in app purchase.

iPad App Review for the Find Them All: looking for animals educational app

The app allows children (primarily 2-8), to look and find the animals (one at a time) in their various native habitats. One cool thing is, the game starts differently for each section each time and features 24 different animals for each location or theme. Once a child finds all the animals in an open game, he or she will be rewarded with a camera, which can be used to find out interesting facts about these animals.

If the child stays in the game long enough, night will fall and he/she will have to find all the animals (which varies) by tapping the screen, but once it gets too dark, he/she will have to use the “torch” or light for help locating or can just listen to the animal sounds to be led to each animal.

Once the night game learning mode is complete, the player will be rewarded with a jigsaw puzzle option (added to the camera) allowing for a puzzle to be made out of any picture the child has taken — a very nice feature. The iPhone version puzzles can contain up to 20 pieces, and the iPad version allows for up to 42 pieces (puzzle sizes vary depending on how hard you shake your iPhone or iPad).

Find Them All: looking for animals iPad App Review

There is also a photo game quiz, as well as the option for children to print an activity booklet out of the animals they have found while searching the various areas in this app. There is a card section and a photo album for each themed animal pack (as mentioned just prior). The card section holds all animals you have found with a quality high-resolution picture, including animal facts, as well as the opportunity to hear the animal’s name pronounced in 4 different languages: English, Spanish, German, or French — each of which can be set as the primary spoken language throughout the app.

Find Them All: looking for animals is a fantastically entertaining activity animal discovery app that lets kids discover some unusual animals in a lot of fun activities.

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