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Picture ABC, Kids Education App See, Hear, Spell Words

Picture ABC is a Kids Education app that will encourage beginning readers to expand their vocabulary. The basis of this spelling app (for the iPhone and iPad) is to help kids associate a photo image with the spoken word and to practice spelling that word correctly. This Kids Education app comes with 112 images in 7 overall categories for Animals, Zoo, Traffic, Landscape/Nature, Buildings, Colors, and Fruits. Picture ABC is also a multi-language learning app that allows kids to learn words in English and German. Parents will be glad to know that they have the option to personalize their child’s learning with the addition of customized categories and photos. And kids will appreciate the cute cartoon owls that go along with the whole spelling word process.

This Kids Education app has a nice mix of quality images, cartoon graphics and fun sounds to create an appealing learning experience that kids will enjoy. The learning process begins when kids are shown a colorful real-life photo and hear the spoken word. Kids are provided a box filled with letters and smaller individual boxes (under the image) to place their answers in. The objective is to fill these blank boxes with the correct letters (one by one) using a simple tap and drag process. For every correct letter put in the box, it turns green. When a completed word is correct, there’s a little ding sound, a congratulatory owl animation, and 1 owl icon earned on the tree branch. For every incorrect letter choice the box turns red. And when the completed word isn’t right, the little owl appears and covers its eyes letting out a squeak.



If at any time your child needs help, there is an option to reveal the correct spelling of the word (using the eye icon), as well as to hear the word pronounced again. While learning in this Kids Education app, kids have the freedom to explore all the photo/word images in each category, either one by one or by hopping between the different categories of their choosing. However, there is an incentive to completing half or all the words in a category. When 8 words are completed there will be a loud cheer and the appearance of a flying owl/heart animation. The 8 owls create half of the whole heart animation form, but when all 16 words are correctly completed, all the owls come together to form the whole heart animation.

Adding your own personalized categories and images is easy, and has all the standard category functionality of the preset categories within this app, except the spoken word aspect. It would be nice to have that option to record your own audio word. It’s also important to note that this Kids Education app is best suited for kids who have already mastered letters and early word formation, since there are no individual (phonetic) letter sounds given for the whole word. You can expect to find words like: ostrich, pelican, pigeon, motorbike, container, beach, castle, and kiwi while exploring this Kids Education app.

Overall, Picture ABC is a really nice Kids Education app to help beginning readers expand their vocabulary and spelling skills. Picture ABC cost $1.99 for the Premium Version, which also includes the addition of new categories automatically without any additional in app purchases costs.

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