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Kids In Mind – No More Mortifying Movie Surprises!

Kids In Mind – Movie Reviews for Families – Pro (by Stevenson Software) is an iPhone, Reference application that will keep parents and adults “in the know” before they go to the movies or watch a movie at home with their kids. Thanks to the information provided by this app there won’t be any more unexpected or mortifying movie content surprises to scar your children (or you). Within this application are 3,000+ unbiased and extremely detailed reviews and ratings for each movie, along with 1 year of new releases, and plenty in the archives to sift through. Unlike the traditional MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), which rates movies according to age range, Kids In Mind does not base their ratings in the same way. Instead, they opt for a rating system broken down into a 0-10 point method categorized into 3 main categories: Sex & Nudity, Violence & Gore, and Profanity. The reviews and ratings are objective, and none of the movies are recommended nor discouraged — just the (straight movie content) facts, Ma’am.

Having children, I cringe when I think about the number of times that we’ve started watching a movie at home and had to turn it off due to the unsuitable content or language — obviously not what we expected. Although there are sources out there now a days to help research movies prior to viewing, when I came across this app in the iTunes store I knew it was worth a look, especially if it was solid, saved time, and provided a needed convenience. So, after I downloaded and did a quick perusal of the information section to find out what Kids in Mind was all about and their rating methodology, I headed into the meat of the app next — the reviews and ratings.

iphone kids app reviewsiphone kids app reviews

The Recent Reviews included the latest movie releases as of May 25, 2012: Men In Black 3 (PG-13), What to Expect When You’re Expecting (PG-13), and Chernobyl Diaries (R). According to Kids In Mind Rating, Men In Black 3 scored 3.5.4 (S,V,P), What To Expect When You’re Expecting scored 4.3.5 (S,V,P) and Chernobyl Diaries scored 2.7.10 (S,V,P) — along with this information is the movie length (time). Once you dive deeper you’ll find the Summary of the movie along with the names of the actors and director, as well as the 3 rating categories which include very specific and detailed examples of what fits under that specific heading. I mean anything and everything that implies any sexual overture, violence or profanity is here. For instance, in Men In Black 3, I read: “We see a magazine cover featuring scantily clad aliens” (in the Sex/Nudity category), for Violence/Gore: “A man is pulled over by police for stealing a car,” and in the Profanity section: “2 sexual references, 6 scatological terms, 8 anatomical terms, 17 mild obscenities, name calling (old, craggy….” — the list goes on — you get the picture. Discussion Topics cover subject matter that may spark questions/conversations from your child due to movie content, Substance Use (issue of alcohol), Message sums up the whole movie theme, and External Links leads to further exploration of the movie (trailers, trivia, etc.).

So in addition to all that jam-packed information I just covered in the Recent category area, you’ll find the same type of information for New To Video, as well as Archive (but this area seems to be lacking movie release dates, which would be nice). You can Search the movie inventory by movie name or by MPAA and/or Kids In Mind ratings (a very helpful feature). Lastly, you can Favorite movies and create an alphabetized Favorite list. Although this app comes with a movie inventory of 3,000+ (along with 1 year of new releases ), you’ll probably want to seriously consider the $1.99 in app purchase (at the end of your year) to get another full year of new release information — consider it your yearly subscription.

Just for a validity check, I also searched out some of the recent movies that I’d seen to see what movie content would make it into the Kids In Mind 3-part rating references. I actually laughed at some of the things that I found referenced because not much of anything went unmentioned — no matter how teeny, tiny, small — Man, these people are serious! I think what truly impressed me the most was the vast amount of in-depth and very specific information (exact references about what is seen and said in the movie) that made it into the app. So, the way I see it, with an app like this one, you won’t ever be unpleasantly surprised or mortified by the next movie you see with your kids. Kids In Mind gives parents/adults a really good tool for determining what’s right or not right for their own children to see — how refreshing! There is also a FREE Universal app you can check out first called Kids In Mind – Movie Reviews for Families and and iPad version called Kids In Mind for iPad – Movie Reviews for Families. Check out all our iPhone app reviews. Crazy Mike

Kids In Mind – Movie Reviews for Families – Pro iPhone App Details

Title: Kids In Mind – Movie Reviews for Families – Pro
Price: $1.99
Size: 1.4 MB
Category: Reference
Developer: Stevenson Software, LLC
Store: iTunes App Store

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Kids In Mind - Movie Reviews for Families - Pro - Stevenson Software, LLC

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Kids In Mind – Movie Reviews for Families – Pro iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

“I use this app before every movie!! No more shocking content in the movies we watch. I am given a thorough review of the movies contents. Love it!!” – Hanksclan

“Must have app for families! Easy to use with plenty of details on movie content. Highly recommended!” – Pyburn6

– – – – – –

Kids In Mind provides parents and other adults with objective and complete information about a film’s content so that they can decide, based on their own value system, whether they should watch a movie with or without their kids.


• Over 3,000 movie reviews and ratings
• Detailed content for every movie
• Notifications when new movie reviews are available
• No ads or pop-ups
• One year of new movie reviews and ratings


Kids In Mind describes the exact content of each movie from the number of profanities uttered to descriptions of every violent and sexual scene. Kids In Mind makes no judgments about what is good or bad and does not “condemn,” “critique” or “criticize” movies. Kids In Mind doesn’t “praise” or “recommend” movies either.

Unlike the MPAA ratings (R, PG-13, PG, etc.) we do not assign a rating based on age. We rate Sex/Nudity, Violence/Gore, and Profanity on a scale from 0 to 10 and we explain in detail why a film rates high or low in a specific category.

Kids In Mind gives you over 3,000 detailed movie reviews with detailed content and ratings along with a year of new movie reviews. After a year of new reviews, you have the option of purchasing 12-months of new movie reviews via in-app purchase.

— Q & A —

• Do you determine if a movie is appropriate for kids?

No. Our system is based on objective standards, not the viewer’s age or the artistic merits of a film. We allow you to determine whether a movie is appropriate for you or your children. Along with a rating for Sex, Violence, and Profanity, we also include instances of substance use, a list of discussion topics that may elicit questions from children, and the message the film conveys.

• How detailed are your reviews?

Very detailed. We provide you with almost every detail of the movie from matter-of-fact sexual scene descriptions to exactly how many profanities are exclaimed.

• After one year, can I get new reviews?

Yes. After one year, the app will prompt you to purchase an additional year of new reviews.


If you have any question, suggestion, or problem with the application, please contact us at We will be happy to help or answer any question you may have.


If you are experiencing any technical problems please contact us at If you leave a review detailing a problem, we do not have a way to contact you to resolve it. Please contact us directly. We take all problems very seriously and will continue to release new updates regularly.

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